23 February, 2012


Captcha Shmaptcha

I have provisionally disabled the Captcha (formerly Word Verification) thingy. Let the spamming commence.

Actually I vaguely miss the spam, which was always successfully intercepted and quarantined by Blogger anyway. I wonder what new marvels it will now bring, as I lie here on my desert island, paid for through successful money-liberation operations in conjunction with my generous Nigerian partners, while I pleasure my harem of Russian trophy brides with my pharmaceutically enhanced six-foot penis.



Australian-style politics

I've always admired the Australian approach to parliamentary straightforwardness. None of this "I believe the Honorable Member for Much Thrusting might just possibly be guilty of a terminological inexactitude in this regard" bollocks. In Canberra, as I understand it, it's more "The Honorable Gentleman is a lying bastard" followed by an all-comers brawl on the floor of the House.

So it's at least entertaining to see Eric "Are you looking at me, Jimmy?" Joyce livening up the proceedings, if only outside the chamber,

Eric Joyce MP Suspended From Labour
After 'Headbutting" Brawl In Commons Strangers Bar

At least it adds a bit of pizzazz to the generally vapid theatre of our elective dictatorship.

Come on, Sunny-ji, I'm sure one of your regular contributors could rustle up a piece for LibCon rationalizing Mr Joyce's boorish behaviour away, à la Diane Abbott.

17 February, 2012


A bit close to home

Pensioner attacked with broken bottle by 'Good Samaritans'
who offered him a lift home to Moston

I used to live on Lightbowne Road, where the attack in the linked MEN piece took place. It was one of those unusual place names (actually unique if Streetmap is to be believed) which people seem to have difficulty in quite believing in for some reason, and we would get letters addressed to "Lighthouse Road" and even on one glorious occasion "Light Brown Road". The postman was well used to it.

I lived there until I was about 13, when the family moved "upmarket" to New Moston. There was no Moston Curry House then and, more to the point, there were no "Asians", not even ones who didn't go round beating up elderly White men for a laugh.

16 February, 2012


Mixed messages

I guess I should have photographed this, but the moment passed.

Outside a pub in "Midtown", the bit of central London that lies between the West End and the City and is not really either of them, there stood an A-board.

Chicken curry - £5
Parma - Juventus - 5.30

it said.

Feeling somewhat peckish, I was momentarily tempted to inquire about the latter culinary offering, which was unfamiliar to me. Then I read the next line of the board, which read

A C Milan - Arsenal - 7.30

or something similar.

Things are not always what they seem.

15 February, 2012


Well I never!

The steam wireless (Radio 4 midnight news a few minutes ago) informs us:

A record number of racially- or religiously-motivated hate crimes were prosecuted last year.

Why doesn't that surprise me? You're going to have to build some more prisons, aren't you? Here's a suggestion. Fence off a few areas for the Righteous and declare the remainder of the country a huge open prison for all of us Unrighteous haters. Save an awful lot of money that way.

13 February, 2012



Ali Dizaei guilty of corruption at retrial

Scotland Yard commander Dizaei will never wear police uniform again after being convicted unanimously at his retrial of misconduct and perverting the course of justice.

11 February, 2012


The oozlum bird has an idea

For someone who isn't particularly interested in association football, I seem to be spending an awful lot of time blogging about it of late. It's not that I actively dislike the game, you understand. It's just the unholy, obsessive fuss that I can't be bothered with. I don't know who won the FA Cup in 1953. I don't know who plays at Left Outside for the MK Dons, or indeed what positions correspond approximately to Outside Left in the modern game. And, no, I don't actually support a particular team. It's that last one that floors 'em and causes numb incomprehension and incredulity.* But if futebol is on the telescreen in the pub and everybody else in the place is watching it, then I might as well do so too.

But football is demanding attention again, for strange and, to be frank, increasingly entertaining reasons. Luis "Dago Boy" Suárez and Patrice "Negrito" Evra met on the field of play again today. Suárez refused to shake Evra's hand, then (Rio) Ferdinand refused to shake Suárez' hand, then Dalglish and Ferguson had a fist fight. (No, I admit it, I made that last bit up. But the players did have a bit of a dust-up after the game.)

Business as usual then. But what makes this worth writing about is that a Man U. fanzine has published a cut-out Ku Klux Klan-stylee mask for supporters to wear in order to annoy Suárez and the Liverpool fans.

And the Old Bill are seizing the magazines and speaking darkly of racially-aggravated public order offences.

(Daily Mail and Casuals United.)

You're not going to put this genie back in the bottle, lads, and there aren't enough prison places for every football supporter in the country.

The oozlum bird has a suggestion, and I commend it to you. Since Black and White players (and their supporters) are quite clearly unable to play nicely together, why not set up two separate professional football leagues, one for Black players (and Black supporters) and one for Whites? That way you won't get all this nasty name-calling and those jolly japes that seem to worry you so much.

Now I appreciate that there are some folks of, er, multiple heritage. So I recommend that a tribunal be set up, consisting of Hugh Muir and Joseph Harker, to resolve any classification difficulties.

Tee hee, innit.

Update (17:30)

Piara "Holier than thou" Powar calls fellow wog a coconut.

Excuse me, I'm just popping out to buy some more popcorn.

* What's that you say? It's mandatory for any English male to support a football team. Oh alright. Choose one of:

— Oldham Athletic. Closest league ground to where I was born and raised.
— Charlton Athletic. Closest league ground to where I live now.
— Manchester City, 'cos I was born in Manchester, I'm not a Catholic and I'm old enough to remember when that mattered.

I'm really not bothered which one. Honest.

10 February, 2012


Tales from the Multiculture - Da'wah comes to Greenwich

And it came to pass, in the depths of winter and in the very shadow of the Cutty Sark DLR in the self-satisfied little town which is now yclept Royal Greenwich, that the sons of Allah set up their stall.

And the infidels ignored them, for the infidels were of the English race — well most of them anyway as were thereabouts — and such is the English custom when confronted with eccentric foreigners. And so it was that the faithful despaired and fell into full arselifting mode,

and prayed.

Unfortunately, their view of Mecca was blocked by the Spanish Galleon across the road, and so they found themselves praying to the English god Shepherd Neame instead.


09 February, 2012


What's the Italian for Schadenfreude?

James Naughtie speaking of the departure of Fabio "Posh Specs" Capello on this morning's Today programme:

He can't speak English. He couldn't communicate properly with the players or with the public.

Hmm. That's jolly discriminatory, if I may say so, Jim. Not speaking English doesn't seem to be regarded as a hindrance for most immigrants.

The wee Scots puffball then goes on to assert that the semi-detached Capello was out of touch with British sentiment and sensibility over l'affaire John Terry. If you say so, Jimmy bhoy. I'd say he happened to be more in sympathy with British feeling on the matter than the monkeys at the FA, but there you go.

Altogether now, there's only one Fabio Capello.

Good fun, this, innit?

08 February, 2012


RIP Ray Honeyford

Obituary in the Telegraph. (Via.)

The crap that Ray Honeyford had to put up with has been going on for at least 45 years. Time to wake up, folks.

That is all I want to say at the moment.

06 February, 2012


I await developments

From Casuals United

We have been given a picture of a young boy in a bad way, this happened in Hyde, Greater Manchester. The boy was attacked by a group of ’asian’ (newspeak for Muslim) thugs on Saturday, 4th February 2012. No more details as yet, but it makes you wonder after the Rhea Page incident, if they DO get caught, will they also get a ‘slap on the wrists’? Our children should NOT be victims to these sort of attacks, the sooner this country wakes up and realises what the hell is going on, the better, NS!

with further comment at the EDL site.

I await the response of the MSM and the authorities with interest. Though I'm sure the UAF and their friends will be along shortly to tell us it's all faked with eye-shadow and Photoshop.

02 February, 2012


Number crunching

Yesterday's Een Stannat screamed

Met bill for Maddy soars to £2million

In early editions this is actually the front-page lead, displaced in later print runs by the vital story of the national crisis over Cheerful 'Arry Redknapp's alleged tax evasion. The 'Maddy' referred to is of course the unfortunate toddler Madeleine McCann and the piece is about the cost of the UK police's ongoing review of the Portuguese abduction case, started on the instructions of iDave and regarded by some as a populist stunt.

I have to say I am having difficulty getting too worked up about this expenditure, even if the prospects for a resolution do seem very poor indeed and all the earnest activity ultimately little more than a political sop.

For it pales in comparison with another well known case recently in the news. £50million was spent, or has so far been spent, shall we say, in investigating the murder of St Stephen, including some quite extraordinary surveillance measures. Pace the feelings of the Lawrence parents, which no amount of "justice" will salve, the effort put into solving at all costs what, to be brutally frank, was a run-of-the-mill racially-aggravated youth-on-youth attack, has been quite extraordinary.

I don't think I've ever quoted a reader's comment from the Mail before, but this one sums up the contradictions nicely,

I'll be honest, I am very uncomfortable with this. Yes, of course it's wrong to murder an innocent young Black person because of the colour of their skin. However, my grandmother in her life time was mugged three times; the third time she nearly died because the black youths who mugged her, shattered both her shoulder sockets in the attack. As a result, she spent a month in hospital and was never the same again. She died when she was 89 still suffering from the attack. My point being, the police told us it was highly unlikely they would catch the culprits. Yet I can't help but ask myself: would they have gone to the trouble to buy a house; have stand by teams on call; adopt James Bond levels surveillance such as recording their conversations as they played golf during a holiday in Scotland which were relayed by satellite from tiny microphones hidden in their golf trolleys, for a little old white lady from South London? I think we all know the answer to that.
Other commenters bring up other unsolved cases, notably that of PC Blakelock. I wonder if TPTB have not made a rod for their own backs here. To pander to the resentments of the "Black community" — some justified, some artificially whipped up — they have secured a conviction at all costs, financial and judicial and have created a reign of Antiracist terror within the police and other public services. Is everybody now happy? No, the "White community" would like the same special treatment for its own too, thank you very much.

Over to you, Dave.

01 February, 2012


Off the books

Little Nicky Lowles blogs

We have had a fantastic response from our HOPE not hate supporters to our appeal for help. Last week we asked for volunteers to help us defeat the BNP in its remaining few heartlands and ensure that they, and any other far right group, did not get elected onto the London Assembly.

Over 900 people filled in the survey, which given the inactivity of the BNP is amazing.

* 61% offered to campaign against the BNP and other far-right groups in the forthcoming elections

(My emphasis)

The first question this raises is why? The BNP in its current iteration is, as any fule kno, moribund. It survives, to the extent that it does, as a vehicle to fund Nick Griffin's retirement to that supposed villa in Croatia the antifash are always banging on about. Most ethno-nationalists who formerly supported the BNP have formed or moved on to other groups. If Lowles and Co were truly interested in effectively opposing the "far right", would not a better strategy be to work quietly to prolong the survival of the BNP in order to divide the "far right's" electoral efforts?

Perhaps little Nicky is worried for his own pension and needs to demonstrate his continuing indispensibility by a bit of noisy action?

Some days later, little Nicky blogs

The HOPE not hate campaign is looking to hire two new organisers to help us in the forthcoming elections. One will work on our London campaign, to ensure the far right do not get elected onto the London Assembly, while the other will work on our local election campaign in the rest of the country.

Both posts are for three months.

These temporary posts, costing £12,000 in wages (plus usual on-costs) are advertised, interestingly, in the jobs section of www.w4mp.org, which describes itself as The site for everyone working for an MP and advises that This site is funded by the House of Commons.

The two temporary posts are described as

The Campaign Officers, who will be part of the campaigns team, will help deliver grassroots anti-fascist campaigns in our target areas. We are recruiting two posts, one to focus on the London elections and the second to focus on target areas for the local elections.

Presumably we are looking here for a repeat, possibly slightly less intensive, of the 2010 general election effort in which people were poured into Barking, knocking on doors, and distributing expensively-produced newspaper-format campaign material, to oppose Nick Griffin's parliamentary candidature.

Whatever your view of the BNP itself, either now or at the height of its brief period of ascendancy a couple of years ago, there is something very dubious about all of this. The funding and conduct of election campaigns is subject to close supervision by the Electoral Commission. Or at least that is what applies to the candidates and their parties. And yet here is an organization spending significant sums and deploying signficant resources in opposing a specific, individual party. And it does so entirely unaccountably and without limit.

Writing at his new, rather introspective blog, Ketlan Ossowski, erstwhile leading light of the now-closed Lancaster Unity blog, says of the funding of HnH's sister organization Searchlight

Is Searchlight state-funded? Do you care? I don't actually know where Searchlight gets the money it needs to run, though I suspect it's from subscribers, donations and possibly trade unions. Beyond that, I really don't know and I really don't give a toss. If all the major political parties, Simon Cowell, the Queen, and MI5 all provide funds to ANY organisation devoting itself to ridding the country of fascists, that suits me fine.

I care, Ketlan. Let's try a spot of whataboutery, shall we? Suppose the ConDem coalition mires in its own contradictions and the Labour party gets itself a more presentable leader — one who doesn't look as if he's just been caught wanking over an old copy of the Draper's Record — as the next general election approaches. Concerned at the possible return of a Labour government, I might secure secret funding from corporates and bankers and then set about an intensive pre-election campaign of disinformation and disruption against, quite specifically, the Labour party. All perfectly legal.

Give a toss about that, would you?

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