17 February, 2012


A bit close to home

Pensioner attacked with broken bottle by 'Good Samaritans'
who offered him a lift home to Moston

I used to live on Lightbowne Road, where the attack in the linked MEN piece took place. It was one of those unusual place names (actually unique if Streetmap is to be believed) which people seem to have difficulty in quite believing in for some reason, and we would get letters addressed to "Lighthouse Road" and even on one glorious occasion "Light Brown Road". The postman was well used to it.

I lived there until I was about 13, when the family moved "upmarket" to New Moston. There was no Moston Curry House then and, more to the point, there were no "Asians", not even ones who didn't go round beating up elderly White men for a laugh.

I used to work at Ferrantis on St Mary's Road. Would drive along Lightbowne every day on my way to and from work. It was largely white, working class, and a fairly safe area back then.

We, that is the indigenous white population of these islands, used to have a number of problems with people who exhibited anti-social behaviour. The old saying was: "One in ten people are put on this earth to give trouble to the other nine."

But they were our problem. We had to face up to the fact that they were part of us and had to be dealt with. Of course, the police got it wrong sometimes and the courts messed up, but by and large we were reasonably assured the scum could be dealt with.

Fast forward half-a-century, and lo, we have a new problem. What happened was that we began to import problems to join the ones we already had. We opened the doors to myriad people to 'share' our society and then were amazed when they turned out, in too many cases to be comfortable, to be just as bad as the scrotes we already had.

But we confused the issue by thinking they were disadvantaged, or culturally different or the victim of some long distant world. We were told we had created the problem ages ago and thus all difficulties visited upon us were our fault.

They were only doing what came naturally to them.

We began to find we couldn't deal with the problems we had imported, because excuses had to be made. Cover ups were in big demand and even better supply. Explanations for the badly behaved rapidly became a lucrative, self-perpetuating industry, a reason for a handful of well-paid people who would never walk down the likes of Lightbowne Road to feel better.

I have no idea if the two men the police seek are guilty of a racial attack (or even if they are asian, though they may well be) or whether something happened to prompt this, yet... I feel another twinge of discomfort at what we have done to these islands.

To reiterate the point, we have willingly imported these problems. We thought we would offer our way of life, flawed though it was, as something for others to participate in. They increasingly seem reluctant to do so. Instead of harmony we are increasingly threatened, increasingly intimidated.

But now they are here, now they can get the money, they won't go away. All we can do as our 'leaders' will not help, is to be aware they have brought problems to this country and we ought to stay as well clear as we can. Trust has gone and survival of our world at risk.

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