08 February, 2012


RIP Ray Honeyford

Obituary in the Telegraph. (Via.)

The crap that Ray Honeyford had to put up with has been going on for at least 45 years. Time to wake up, folks.

That is all I want to say at the moment.

I don't think people WANT to wake up... :(

The distance between the people we elect and the people who do the electing grows ever wider, and it's hard to imagine how we can close that gap now.

It's clear to many of us that the multi-cultural experiment has left us all poorer, and intellectually so. We are certainly now much less willing to discuss issues.

We have been brow-beaten into believing we are in the wrong for not accepting numerous people who have no interest in this country (and in some cases who work tirelessly for its downfall) or have no willingness to embrace its core values and with it appear to be here only to take any free money before sending it 'home.'

My conclusion, the longer I live, is that there is less and less point in voting at elections. The parties we have are not the least interested in who we, the ordinary indigenous peoples, are and either plan to buy votes by bringing in more immigrants or changing the nature of these islands because of some idle chatter among the soi-disant.

Of course, these people at the top remain well-paid and can choose to leave us to sink if they wish. But, where will they go soon? This multi-culti disease is spreading round the globe...

Very sad news- thanks Edwin for linking to the Telegraph obit. I've been out of the country & would have missed it otherwise. I assume the rest of the press ignored his death, as when I put 'Ray Honeyford obituary' into my google chrome browser I got 'Sorry, we couldn't find any matching results for Ray Honeyford obituary '. How typical of present day news values , especially when compared to the blanket coverage given to the passing of that over-the-hill popstrel, Whitney Houston.

I'll have to stop taking winter holidays in February; in 1998 I missed Enoch's passing (although news of that did travel further afield.) In particular I'd have liked then to have heard in real time the sanctimonious drivel as it was uttered as the news broke, from Blair & co downwards.

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