02 February, 2012


Number crunching

Yesterday's Een Stannat screamed

Met bill for Maddy soars to £2million

In early editions this is actually the front-page lead, displaced in later print runs by the vital story of the national crisis over Cheerful 'Arry Redknapp's alleged tax evasion. The 'Maddy' referred to is of course the unfortunate toddler Madeleine McCann and the piece is about the cost of the UK police's ongoing review of the Portuguese abduction case, started on the instructions of iDave and regarded by some as a populist stunt.

I have to say I am having difficulty getting too worked up about this expenditure, even if the prospects for a resolution do seem very poor indeed and all the earnest activity ultimately little more than a political sop.

For it pales in comparison with another well known case recently in the news. £50million was spent, or has so far been spent, shall we say, in investigating the murder of St Stephen, including some quite extraordinary surveillance measures. Pace the feelings of the Lawrence parents, which no amount of "justice" will salve, the effort put into solving at all costs what, to be brutally frank, was a run-of-the-mill racially-aggravated youth-on-youth attack, has been quite extraordinary.

I don't think I've ever quoted a reader's comment from the Mail before, but this one sums up the contradictions nicely,

I'll be honest, I am very uncomfortable with this. Yes, of course it's wrong to murder an innocent young Black person because of the colour of their skin. However, my grandmother in her life time was mugged three times; the third time she nearly died because the black youths who mugged her, shattered both her shoulder sockets in the attack. As a result, she spent a month in hospital and was never the same again. She died when she was 89 still suffering from the attack. My point being, the police told us it was highly unlikely they would catch the culprits. Yet I can't help but ask myself: would they have gone to the trouble to buy a house; have stand by teams on call; adopt James Bond levels surveillance such as recording their conversations as they played golf during a holiday in Scotland which were relayed by satellite from tiny microphones hidden in their golf trolleys, for a little old white lady from South London? I think we all know the answer to that.
Other commenters bring up other unsolved cases, notably that of PC Blakelock. I wonder if TPTB have not made a rod for their own backs here. To pander to the resentments of the "Black community" — some justified, some artificially whipped up — they have secured a conviction at all costs, financial and judicial and have created a reign of Antiracist terror within the police and other public services. Is everybody now happy? No, the "White community" would like the same special treatment for its own too, thank you very much.

Over to you, Dave.

'I wonder if TPTB have not made a rod for their own backs here.'

Good point Edwin.The pursuit of the Stephen Lawrence assailants post Macpherson followed what could be called the 'Malcolm X' strategy of 'by any means necessary'. Double jeopardy- bin that! (and not a peep, in this context, from the Blessed Shami of Liberty). Surveillance evidence obtained by subterfuge- no problem with admissability!

Following the murder convictions last month, the Malcolm X strategy seems to be getting a far wider application vis a vis racist 'hate crime'. Hence the ludicruous scenario of the England captain (a nasty piece of work, admittedly) having CRIMINAL charges looming over him at the upcoming European Championships because of insults he allegedly directed at a black player in the heat of the game. Hence the screening on national TV of images of a wound-up Liverpool fan making a fool of himself with 'offensive gestures' aimed at Patrice Evra (another nasty piece of work)in last weekends cup tie against Man Unt.

Whether this ongoing media frenzy subsides, or whether it will provoke a backlash,is hard to ascertain. For my sins I was on twitter on Tuesday night & I noticed that one of the trending topics in the UK then had the peculiar title 'Coons Park Rangers' (which presumably was Chelsea fans en masse having a go at QPR-the club John Terry's accuser plays for- as the January transfer window drew to a close). Who knows, perhaps the backlash has actually begun ?

Another good comment from Dacre's Daily :

How many more articles are you going to pubish DM? Are you going to pursue the four Somalian Muslims who beat the living hell out of a 22yr old woman and called her a "white bitch" during the attack?

Amen to that.

How curious that the divide in society -- for it is a divide now -- between the races is far more the result of so much intense and supposedly well-meaning regulation and legislation. The triumph of the do-gooders and righteous is to make a lot of ordinary, even poor/working class people feel uncomfortable being near those who they do not want to be near.

The ones who wanted this are, however, largely protected from the consequences of their insistence we all make way for other cultures... even those members of some weird cultures who do not always have a healthy attitude to being as one. Or rather, they want oneness on their strict terms.

Years ago there were people of different colours who ignored each other. Not least the reason being that the various groups, just like peasants and toffs, the pleasant and unpleasant of any creed, were not required to hold the others in any great regard. You simply had your own frame of reference and trouble-makers and ne'er-do-wells of any brand were dismissed or could expect justice.

But we have entered a new world where the law states that we must be careful in what we say and think, though the evidence is that such constraints are a one-way system. White people have been named as superior for imagined or perhaps real past ills (as any group has done) and as such blamed for many things, but increasingly non-whites are regarded in a special, almost kindly, light even when there are times they not do anything to deserve such consideration.

If they are somehow inferior (not my view, as it happens) because of past sins and omissions by nations like ours, then why do so many choose to come here? You would think they would want to stay away and build their ideal society elsewhere. Leave us whites to rot.

They can't be here to convert us surely, because many of us are too far lost to our own way of life to tolerate conversion. I do not want my wife to have her head covered in public, or to be required to have children with no reference to the father's whereabouts.

We are now seeped in the era of 'feelings' where the perceived impression is that people of minority races are easily affronted and offended, yet the whites have no such latitude. There is a fragility on one side of the egg box only. Without meaning to enter BNP territory, the impression is that our society is increasingly being handed over to imported malcontents and troublemakers who only have to cry 'racism' to have all their actions washed clean. We must understand their unhappiness, apparently. But however much we beat ourselves for crimes against humanity from many years ago, it is never enough. We must beat ourselves harder.

The problem then is how do we deal with those who use this to further their own criminality or riotous greed? After all, if you can do no wrong then why not continue to do wrong? No one will say or do anything, because 'we' had it coming.

There will, as another poster here said, be a backlash. I would hate to see it, but the idea that the native people of these islands are worthless will have some unpleasant consequences. And no amount of stern editorials in the Guardian and incensed chatter at Hampstead dinner parties will avoid it.

Nor will yet more laws for that matter.

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