06 February, 2012


I await developments

From Casuals United

We have been given a picture of a young boy in a bad way, this happened in Hyde, Greater Manchester. The boy was attacked by a group of ’asian’ (newspeak for Muslim) thugs on Saturday, 4th February 2012. No more details as yet, but it makes you wonder after the Rhea Page incident, if they DO get caught, will they also get a ‘slap on the wrists’? Our children should NOT be victims to these sort of attacks, the sooner this country wakes up and realises what the hell is going on, the better, NS!

with further comment at the EDL site.

I await the response of the MSM and the authorities with interest. Though I'm sure the UAF and their friends will be along shortly to tell us it's all faked with eye-shadow and Photoshop.

File under 'W' with Richard Mannington Bowes.

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