31 December, 2010


Send 3s 4d, we're going to a dance

A brace of toerags has been convicted of the murder of a "vulnerable" man in Lincoln. Now these two aresholes seem to be a fairly bog-standard pair of violent estate chavs who also happened to like channelling their surplus energies into a bit of football hooliganism. This latter association provides the Lincolnshire Echo with the opportunity to give their story a bit of a slant. The Echo article (including the headline) begins:
Killers were known to police for links to far-right group and football violence

Two murderers of a vulnerable Lincoln man had links to the far-right English Defence League, according to police.

Daryll Jones, 17, and Mark Jackson, 21, were two of the top targets in Lincolnshire Police's attempts to ban people from the Sincil Bank area on Lincoln City match days.

They were identified by football intelligence officers along with ten others in Operation Argyll.

As reported in the Echo, this operation aims to use civil football banning orders to stop people hanging around with suspected troublemakers.

But the cases against Jones and Jackson, of Yarborough Road, Lincoln, were put on hold after they were arrested on suspicion of killing football enthusiast Shaun Rossington.

Asperger’s sufferer Shaun, 21, of Dunkirk Road, was found to have suffered more than 40 injuries. He was punched, kicked and stamped on during the attack on grassland, off Searby Road, on June 3.
"... links to the far-right English Defence league ..."

So where does this come from? Further down the piece, we read:
Lincolnshire Police football intelligence officer PC Karl Williams said:


"We started to get information on these two every time Lincoln City had a game and there were some indications they were connected to the English Defence League."
Hmm, a bit tendentious, that. We've gone from the policeman's tentative "some indications" to the reporter's definite "had links to". And the latter is in the opening sentence; a fair number of readers will skim the headline and the first few sentences before moving on.

The report is now picked up by the fragrant Nick Lowles at Hate Not Hope, who blogs:
Killers were EDL supporters

Day by day the true nature of the English Defence League is becoming clearer. Alongside fascists, racists, drug dealers and football hooligans we now have murderers.

It has been reported that two of the murderers of a vulnerable Lincoln man had links to the English Defence League.

Daryll Jones, 17, and Mark Jackson, 21, were also two known football hooligans and the target of a police operation to ban troublemakers linked to Lincoln City FC..

Jones and Jackson, of Yarborough Road, Lincoln, were convicted of killing football enthusiast and Asperger's sufferer Shaun Rossington. The victim, who suffered from Aspergers, was kicked and beaten to death in June. He suffered more than 40 separate injuries in the attack.

This is just the latest criminality linked to followers of the EDL and says much about the organisation.
Note how the murder and the tentative suspicion of a "link to the EDL" have now become centrally associated. Note how Lowles boldly generalizes from this tenuous association — a couple of individuals who might or might not have been sympathetic to the aims of the EDL — to a broad and assertive slur against the EDL as a whole. All EDLers, he seems to imply, are barely-restrained fascists, racists, drug dealers, thugs and murderers.

So let's see if I've got the hang of this then, Nick. If a couple of "Asians" in Oldham are sent down for grooming and pimping underage White schoolgirls, then I can assume that all "Asians" are pædophiles and pimps, can I?

I wonder what the police officer's "some indications" actually were. Saw one of them in a cast-off EDL-branded hoodie perchance? Which he'd probably nicked anyway.

Amazing what you can achieve with a spot of barefaced spin, innit.

30 December, 2010


The untallied overhead

As yet another boozer is slated for conversion into a mosque, I find myself fascinated by this paragraph at the end of the Northampton Chronicle's piece:
Sharon Henley, crime prevention design adviser, said: “I have taken advice from colleagues in the Hate Crimes Unit and they have no concerns about this application.”
Leaving the intriguing job title, crime prevention design adviser, on one side to savour later, what exactly does this sentence imply? What concerns might the Hate Crimes Unit have? Don't bode well for the happy-clappy multiculture, do it?

24 December, 2010


Overheard remark of the week

"He drinks Foster's in the week and Kronenbourg at weekends."
I'm sure there's a profound lesson for us all in there somewhere but I'm buggered if I can work out what it is.

22 December, 2010


Tales from the Multiculture - Tourist information edition

A young man, by his accent London-born and raised, by his appearance of Afro-Caribbean or mixed Black/White ethnic heritage, is advising a couple of recently arrived tourists:

"Woolwich? No, you don't want to go to Woolwich. It's like visiting Somalia."

18 December, 2010



I don't think the usual attempt at a pithy smart-arsed title is appropriate or acceptable here.

Being the racist thug that I am, when I heard mention on the news of a mother being arrested and sectioned after stabbing her 4-year-old daughter to death in "east London", my first reaction was to think, WONA? Setting out to scour the Internong for more detail than the BBC was prepared to vouchsafe, I succeeded only at that fairly early stage of the story's public development in narrowing down "east London" to Clapton.

Things have moved on. Cromer has the gen. He quotes the latest Mail report as follows:
Muslim mother Shayna Bharuchi, 35, was allegedly sitting in her kitchen chanting verses of the Koran as her daughter Nusayba's disembowelled corpse lay next to her.

The little girl's heart and other organs were found in different rooms around the flat in Clapton, east London.

Police suspect she carried out the killing as a religious offering as she listened to the Muslim holy book on an MP3 player at full volume.
What have we let ourselves in for in allowing people like this to live among us?


Hope springs eternal

So this geezer is standing at the bar and gets out his Oyster card wallet in preparation for paying for his drinks. A delightful fantasy plays over the surface of my mind. Now if he's paying by Oyster and if I've got a Freedom Pass, which is basically a free-of-charge Oyster card dished out to Londoners over 60, does that mean I get my beer for nothing?

And then the bubble burst as he reached into the other pocket of the ticket wallet and drew out a credit card.

Back in the real world, I notice the £4 pint is beginning to gain an irreversible foothold in normal boozers in central London. I can more-or-less accept The Maple Leaf asking £4.10 a pint for draught Sleeman's (IPA or Honey Brown, highly recommended) as they are low-volume imports from across the seas, but when I ordered a pint of Budvar in The Salisbury on St Martin's Lane, I found myself staring at the lonely £1 coin change in my hand in mortified disbelief.

Ah, well. As Kilgore Trout would say, so it goes.

17 December, 2010


You live and learn

From a comment to this blog, correctly intercepted for once by the automatic spam filter, I learn that the Russian for speed (the well known recreational chemical) is спид (transliterates as spid), clearly a loanword from the English.

From the EDL forum I learn the interesting Norwegian word pubrasist, which does appear to translate directly as "pub racist", used in a piece in the dourly Norwegian organ Aftenposten, where the EDL are described as
en eksplosiv miks av høyreekstreme, pubrasister og hooligans
(an explosive mix of right-wing extremists, pub racists and hooligans).

Cor! I notice my local Wetherspoon's has a notice on the door inviting people to become the "Foursquare mayor" of the pub. Next time I go in there I must ask the duty manager if I can apply to be the "pub racist".


MONA no more

A man has been arrested for the Ealing bus stabbing. And, more to the point, named as John Paul Onyenaychi.

Now there's a good old Nigerian name if ever there was one.

14 December, 2010


You know you need to visit your trichotomist when...

... a tourist points you out to his children, saying
Guckt mal, Kinder! Ein Hippy!
The problem I always find with having a haircut is deciding which one to have cut. Or have I got it all wrong again?

13 December, 2010



The BBC usually refers to the EDL as "the far-right English Defence League". Indeed, so set in use is this collocation that you begin to hear it as a single word: farrightEDL, the qualifying adjectival phrase having lost all separate meaning.

On the 09:00 news bulletin on Radio 4 this morning, Tommy's men were referred to as the "ultra-nationalist English Defence League".

Is this a promotion, then?

Oh, and since when has Nick Lowles become an independent commentator, interviewed by the Today programme for his considered, if bumbling view on the Terry Jones affair with no balancing view from, say, Tommy or Guramit?

Bunch of Jeremys.

09 December, 2010


"Progress" is not always for the better

I see the Grumpy Old Twat has posted the current IP address of Wikileaks, just in case their new DNS provider gets cold feet or receives a bit of "friendly advice" it can't ignore. The GOT quotes

the address registered to wikileaks.ch

Just as well IPv6 has never really caught on, then or, we would be typing in monstrosities like


(Random example from Wikipedia for illustrative purposes — bog all to do with the real-world IPv4 address quoted above.)

I've always felt that IPv6 was one of those projects, like the OSI 7-layer model and, in its day, IBM Project Stretch, which set out to solve not just the problem at hand plus maybe a little speculative slack to allow for the unexpected, but instead try to anticipate all conceivable problems between now and the end of the universe, "unknown unknowns" and all. In consequence it collapsed under its own weight. Yes, we'll finally outgrow the capacity of the current structured 32-bit address space sooner rather than later — there's eventually a limit to the efficiencies you can achieve with RFC 1918 and CIDR — but the sudden jump from 32 to 128 bits — enough to provide a million IP addresses for each square millimetre of the Earth's surface, or whatever the barmy statistic is, was a jump too far for real-world IT.

Mind you, it would have suited TPTB down to the ground, wouldn't it? He who controls DNS controls the Internet. Maybe.


Does the Pope shit in the woods?

The BBC reporting the latest tranche of wikileaks:

The cable, published by the Guardian newspaper, quotes Johnnie Carson, US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, who had been meeting oil company representatives in Lagos.

He describes China as "a very aggressive and pernicious economic competitor with no morals".

"China is not in Africa for altruistic reasons," he says. "China is in Africa primarily for China."

If we set to one side the danger of retribution against individuals whose identity might be compromised by these releases, what difference does the current stream of wikileaks make? Do they really tell us anything we didn't already know or should have suspected? Is there anybody, aside from professional Black victimists and White liberals totally immersed in delicious post-colonial guilt, who actually believes that the Chinese involvement in Africa is altruistic, that it is any less self-interested than the involvement of the European powers in the colonial and post-colonial periods?

If there are any such, they're surely in for a rude awakening. The Chinese attitude to the rest of the world is bolstered by 5,000 years of inward-looking racial arrogance. They may be the African kleptocrat's temporary friend while he is still useful to them, but once he's extracted your minerals and settled his peasants on your arable land, Johnny Chinaman will simply consider the African a pest.


Oy veh!

(I will refrain from using the Yiddish interjection that first came to mind here.)

In an earlier post I wrote:
Incidentally, Sajjad tries to rope shechita into this bleat. Well I'm happy to be set right on this, but frankly I'm not convinced that stealth kosher is all that prevalent.
referring to Sajjad Karim MEP's claim that both halal and kosher meat sales in the UK were effectively subsidized by unwitting purchase by us kuffars/goyim.

If this piece in the JC is to be believed, it seems I was wrong,
Campaign group Shechita UK said the amendment was “discriminatory” and could cause kosher prices to rocket because buyers from the non-kosher market, which consumes 70 per cent of shechitah-slaughtered meat, might be put off by the labelling.
Once again, it's the self-righteous arrogance that gets to you. Subtext: if we tell the goyim that the meat is kosher they might reject it. OK, so we won't tell them. The goyim aren't real human beings anyway; they'll eat any old shit. So there's no harm done, eh?

Fuck 'em.

08 December, 2010


2066 my arse

So I nod a polite Good Morning to my Iranian neighbour on one side and my Nigerian neighbour on the other and walk down towards the train station, taking a detour round a couple of Sikhs manhandling something or other out of the back of a transit van and join the throng of assorted Black and White chavs milling around in the local Greggs emporium. Clutching my prize of two sawdust and mechanically recovered meat sausage rolls, I walk on past the kebab shop, the Chinese chippy and the Turkish barbers, threading my way through the crowd of Africans and pinch-faced malnourished-looking Chinamen lounging and smoking outside the local turf accountancy office.

I dodge round the compacted snow on the station platform, working my way round the plump Nigerians, the arguing pair of Russians and the little crowd of underfed and slightly nervous-looking South Indians — there seems to have been an influx of rather down-trodden single young Indian males into South East London just recently.

I can't fault Southeastern's 10-minute interval train service on the Greenwich line — though I do wonder where all the passengers have come from to keep it so well filled all the time. Boarding the train I try to ignore the geezer holding a noisy and clearly bad-tempered phone call in Yoruba and pick up a discarded Guardian lying on the seat, only to be confronted with the print version of this article and a very, very large copy of this picture of renowned fashion icon Camila Batmanghelidjh surrounded by a selection of her protégés.

White Britons a minority by 2066?

07 December, 2010


Random question du jour

Will the soon-to-be-announced reality TV show I'm a theologian, get me out of here feature a round called The Diet of Worms?

Just asking.

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