18 December, 2010



I don't think the usual attempt at a pithy smart-arsed title is appropriate or acceptable here.

Being the racist thug that I am, when I heard mention on the news of a mother being arrested and sectioned after stabbing her 4-year-old daughter to death in "east London", my first reaction was to think, WONA? Setting out to scour the Internong for more detail than the BBC was prepared to vouchsafe, I succeeded only at that fairly early stage of the story's public development in narrowing down "east London" to Clapton.

Things have moved on. Cromer has the gen. He quotes the latest Mail report as follows:
Muslim mother Shayna Bharuchi, 35, was allegedly sitting in her kitchen chanting verses of the Koran as her daughter Nusayba's disembowelled corpse lay next to her.

The little girl's heart and other organs were found in different rooms around the flat in Clapton, east London.

Police suspect she carried out the killing as a religious offering as she listened to the Muslim holy book on an MP3 player at full volume.
What have we let ourselves in for in allowing people like this to live among us?

A question for Andrew Neather and his erstwhile employers.

Good grief!

Will we, I wonder, find out that she had a long history of mental instability?

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