13 December, 2010



The BBC usually refers to the EDL as "the far-right English Defence League". Indeed, so set in use is this collocation that you begin to hear it as a single word: farrightEDL, the qualifying adjectival phrase having lost all separate meaning.

On the 09:00 news bulletin on Radio 4 this morning, Tommy's men were referred to as the "ultra-nationalist English Defence League".

Is this a promotion, then?

Oh, and since when has Nick Lowles become an independent commentator, interviewed by the Today programme for his considered, if bumbling view on the Terry Jones affair with no balancing view from, say, Tommy or Guramit?

Bunch of Jeremys.

What were Sinn Fein/IRA then ?

I think Auntie is getting a bit desperate. "Far-right" has been overused to the extent that it has become invisible.

"Nationalist" is too neutral a term, often used to refer to sympathetically- or at least neutrally-regarded overseas political movements — like Sinn Féin as you imply in your recent B-BBC post. (Surely the BBC can't be using that awfully pointed Unionist expression "Sinn Féin/IRA"!)

That leaves only the possibility of further linguistic escalation, currently to "Ultra-Nationalist". Where next I wonder. The use of Naughtieisms? Can Alice Arnold and Kathy Clugston be persuaded to refer to the Fucking Nazi Scumbag English Defence League"?

When, if ever, will the ENLA arise? Something to celebrate, or fear, depending on one's political views...

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