17 December, 2010


MONA no more

A man has been arrested for the Ealing bus stabbing. And, more to the point, named as John Paul Onyenaychi.

Now there's a good old Nigerian name if ever there was one.

I wonder if, like the Iraqi Kurd driver we can't deport, Mr Onyenaychi will instruct his lawyers to use the Baby Anchor gambit, and thus frustrate any attempts to send him home ?

When all else fails, this line seems to work, courtesy of our slavish adherence to the HRA.

Well, what were the chances of that !?!

They make a habit of this. I have a clear memory of one of these 'types' stabbing/slashing four police officers in Wood Green High Street (North London) back in the 90's (unfortunately I can't find a reference to the crime online).

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