17 December, 2010


You live and learn

From a comment to this blog, correctly intercepted for once by the automatic spam filter, I learn that the Russian for speed (the well known recreational chemical) is спид (transliterates as spid), clearly a loanword from the English.

From the EDL forum I learn the interesting Norwegian word pubrasist, which does appear to translate directly as "pub racist", used in a piece in the dourly Norwegian organ Aftenposten, where the EDL are described as
en eksplosiv miks av høyreekstreme, pubrasister og hooligans
(an explosive mix of right-wing extremists, pub racists and hooligans).

Cor! I notice my local Wetherspoon's has a notice on the door inviting people to become the "Foursquare mayor" of the pub. Next time I go in there I must ask the duty manager if I can apply to be the "pub racist".

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