08 January, 2012


The oozlum bird is in flight

And so it goes on.

From Friday's Daily Record, och aye the noo, geezer, innit.

A FAN who racially abused an SPL star on Twitter was yesterday being hunted by police.

The sick tweet about Inverness Caledonian Thistle striker Gregory Tade was allegedly posted in Fife by a student who claimed he was drunk at the time.

(My emphasis)

This is really becoming quite entertaining. Soon the resources of the police forces of the UK will be entirely consumed in hunting down and prosecuting naughty White people voicing counterrevolutionary thoughts. Normal life will grind to a halt as the entire White population is progressively imprisoned.

To maintain basic services, the Government will resort to emergency immigration: Congolese doctors, Nigerian financiers and Somali labourers will flood into the country to save us.

Ah. Never thought of that.

Hmm. It's a plot, isn't it? Has anybody seen Andrew Neather lately? I think he's co-ordinating all this from a secret bunker under Pudding Mill Lane. The Crossrail project was all a front to hide the building work. I see it all now.

Silly buggers.

Hold on, I hear a knocking at the door.

Presumably you're still allowed to shout "Who's the bastard in the black?" (as long as the referee's an IC-1, obviously) ?

Ref's don't really wear black that often, perhaps to stop such chants. That said, putting them in randomly coloured shirts ain't that smart, one day there'll be more east asians playing in the league wondering which yellow bastard everyone is hurling abuse at.


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