25 July, 2011


Gawd no, not another Breivik post?

Before I go out and get well pluged, perhaps I can commend this to your attention. I'm not an out-and-out fan of Old Holborn; in the end I find his brand of hyperlibertarianism to be entertaining and thought-provoking™ in a quixotic sort of way but not particularly helpful. But the man has balls, and says what he thinks, and his analysis of the social roots of Breivikgate — or Andersgate or Oslogate or whatever snappy name we eventually decide on for last Friday's atrocity — is succinct and more accurate than most.

On reflection, I too am surprised that something like this has not happened before.

"If you rob people of their identity...
all they are left with is nationalism and violence"

Thanks for the link - I'm leaving a few comments there :)

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