18 February, 2011


More lazy journalism

From the Indy article which I wrote about earlier describing the hoo-ha over Thilo Sarrazin's trip to London to speak at the LSE:
A German banker who has said "all Jews share a certain gene" and described Muslims as "dunces" will speak tonight at the London School of Economics amid a row over free speech.

Anti-facist campaigners vowed to demonstrate outside the LSE during Thilo Sarrazin's appearance in a debate on multiculturalism. The former executive member of the Bundesbank caused outrage in Germany last year with his comments, in which he also attacked Basques. He was removed from the country's central bank and raked down by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who called him "stupid".
(My emphasis)

So what is this implicitly shameful "attack" on the Basques?

Here is a report from the Tagesschau website, which is as good a source as any,
Bundesbankvorstand Thilo Sarrazin hat erneut für Empörung gesorgt. "Alle Juden teilen ein bestimmtes Gen, Basken haben bestimmte Gene, die sie von anderen unterscheiden", sagte Sarrazin der "Welt am Sonntag" und "Berliner Morgenpost".

Sarrazins Zitat war gefallen, nachdem er im Gespräch mit den Zeitungen gefragt wurde, ob es eine genetische Identität gibt. Zuvor hatte der ehemalige Berliner Finanzsenator gesagt, die kulturelle Eigenart der Völker sei keine Legende, sondern bestimme die Wirklichkeit Europas.
Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin has caused outrage again. "All Jews share a particular gene; Basques have certain genes that distinguish them from others, " Sarrazin told the Welt am Sonntag and Berliner Morgenpost.

Sarrazin's comment came after he was asked, in an interview with the newspapers, whether there is a genetic identity. Earlier, the former Berlin Senator for Finance had said that the cultural identity of peoples was not a legend, but underpins the reality of Europe.
This hardly constitutes an attack on Basques — or Jews for that matter — does it? Sarrazin is simply stating that ethnic groups vary genetically and gives Jews and Basques as examples. In itself a truism, I would have thought.

I was initially tempted to attribute the Indy reporter's phrasing to simple laziness, a combination of a cavalier attitude to fact-checking reinforced by a revulsion towards the subject. But on re-reading the carefully chosen quote
A German banker who has said "all Jews share a certain gene"...
I am more inclined to suspect deliberate political malice with the intended subtext
Zis man is a Choo-hating Nazi who vonts to rebuild ze gas chambers
in an article which looks increasingly like the work of a sixth-form work experience monkey.

Incidentally, you may recall that Saag Bhaji, joint secretary of the UAF, was reported in the same piece as making the remarkable assertion that
"There is grotesque double standards in the implementation of bans on people entering Britain. There is no doubt that a known Muslim spouting similar views would be denied entry," she said.
This post at Anorak deals with Sabby-ji's arrant nonsense quite effectively, so I shall say no more.

If they actualy READ the book, the comment about Genes was actually a compliment, in that (not remembering the exact words, and my copy not being to hand where I am working)the genetics of Jews made them more intelligent, and suited to scholastic and business carreers.

Ahh Found it;

For example S 93/4; "Bereits die frühe Intelligenzforschung hat bei Juden europäischer Provenienz einen um 15 Punkte höheren IQ festgestellt als bei den anderen Mitgliedern europäischer Völker und deren Nachfahren in Nordamerika."

"The earlier intelligence research showed that European Jews had a 15 point higher IQ than the Europeans and their decendants in North America".

This was in the middle of a half chapter, or so, about genetics. A theme which is recuring throughout the book.

When THAT is supossed to be an INSULT to Jews, then the world has fucking LOST the plot!

He also mentions genetics in relation to Finland, Korea, and other places/peoples. Where are all the proffessional hystericals over THAT?

As to Basques, I can find nothing in the index. But as I am reading it a second time, if I find it, I will note it down.

The Basques reference was apparently during an interview with Welt am Sonntag / Berliner Morgenpost.

Ahh. Good. I thought I had not read it in the book.

As FT has shown, what is 'outrageous' about Sarrazin's book, and his attempts to defend it in interviews, is the rejection it voices to the 'race is just a social construct' worldview, which the righteous would like to make mandatory.

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