15 February, 2011


Hey Mr Proofreader, you shaddap-a you face

The Indy reporting on Thilo Sarrazin's visit to London (via),

"Anti-facist campaigners", eh? Now there was me thinking such people were just figments of the tortured imaginations of orthographically challenged "rascists". But there it is in black and white with the august imprimatur of the Indescribablyboring itself.

Further down, that well known side order and antifacist Sabby Dhalu is reported as commenting
"There is no doubt that a known Muslim spouting similar views would be denied entry."
I rather doubt that, love. But your choice of language is interesting. A "known Muslim" has a deliciously surreptitious sound to it: "I have reason to believe you are a Muslim, Sir. I'm afraid I am not able to land you in the UK." I don't think that's what Sabby meant to convey. And "spout". What is it with this word? Those with whom we agree "express" views. Our political opponents "spout" them. Or indeed "spout venom" or "spout bile". All very childish.

It don't get any better, do it?

'Raked down'..?

Very odd choices of phrase all through that article...

I'm going to start calling myself an "anticunt" campaigner. Like "antifascist" it will require no evidence but will help label my political opponents.

I might adopt "antifacist" to describe those of us who think Facebook is strictly for the hard-of-thought.

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