26 May, 2012


Mr Shrdlu is in two minds

My colleague Etaoin, against his better judgement, is quietly impressed with this piece of literary goodness from our old friend the News Shopper,

He finds himself reflecting on the Zen-like profundity which seems to lurk beneath the surface of "the route of your problem is jealousy" and on its elegant superiority over its vernacular equivalent, "if you carry on that way, my lad, you'll come a right bleedin' cropper".

Then again it might just be the result of employing illiterate monkeys instead of journalists.

Repeat after me: a spellchecker is no substitute for an education.


Some people though believe that phrases are a certain way. I know people who were brought up to write "I will bear my soul" instead of "I will bare my soul." Or, even, sole instead of soul.

Or me instead of my.

Oh God, it never gets any better, do it?

(Of course, bearing your soul is true in that one is carrying it. Heavy thing that it is.)

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