06 February, 2011


CiF comment of the day

From today's CiF shouting match about CallMeDave's anti-multiculti speech:

6 February 2011 3:00AM


6 February 2011 2:53AM



I in 10 muslims supported the 7/7 killings of innocent britons by muslim fanatics, uk muslims are the enemy within

I'm sorry, I've followed your link and I don't see what you apparently see. The fact that one in ten Muslims see the 7/7 bombers as martyrs doesn't necessarily impute any agreement with the bombers' actions. The Muslims are just stating that the bombers died carrying out a religious act, not that they agree with that act.

Yes, er, right.

"When I said that the plaintiff might meet with an accident, Your Honour, I was of course speaking in the abstract. I was merely stating the unarguable fact that there is necessarily a non-zero probability that the plaintiff might suffer an accident at some stage in the future. It is outrageous to infer that a threat was intended. Innit?"

The sad thing is that "Davgrin" is almost certainly being entirely serious.

I don't doubt for a minute that he's serious.

Davgrin's depth of dhimmitude knows no bottom.

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