26 September, 2008


Another one bites the dust

Another little corner of the race relations industry has fallen. The Kirklees Equality and Human Rights Agency (KEHRA), formerly the Kirkless Race Equality Council, has had its local authority grant of £100K withdrawn after the discovery thats its boss, one Carl Hayes, has a recent conviction for defrauding the NHS in his former employment, or rather spending the NHS's money as if it were his own.

I've been scouring the web for a photograph of Mr Hayes. His English-sounding name is puzzling, since White people rarely feature, certainly not at senior level, in the race relations industry, and I am curious to know if he is, for example, one of our Afro-Caribbean residents. Perhaps a reader with access to the print media in the Huddersfield area might be able to shed light on this.

The website of Mr Hayes' former organization is instructive. One local authority quotes the URL http://www.kehra.org.uk. This domain name is in fact not registered. You can however visit the organization under its old name of http://www.krec.co.uk.

The stock photos on this page feature only smiling Black people, which is a little odd given that the target client base is minority ethnics in the Huddersfield area, who are predominantly, perhaps overwhelmingly Pakistani. Indeed, another local authority listing quotes the additional language support offered by KREC/KEHRA as Punjabi and Urdu.

The KREC/KEHRA homepage has lots of more or less random and vaguely relevant sounding links. But try clicking through them and you end up at one of those generic search result pages, in this case hosted by something called http://www.kolmic.com, much favoured by cybersquatters, typosquatters and the less scrupulous internet domain registries. In short, the KREC/KEHRA website is an opportunistic Potemkin site which might cream off a little revenue for its publishers.

One does rather wonder what Mr Hayes has been doing for his hundred grand a year. I think, as they say in all the best newspapers, that we should be told.


Irony of the day

While its core focus is Euroscepticism, Brussels Journal is also one of the more firmly Islamosceptic blogs out there, frequently hosting items on the doings of the battier adherents of the Religion of Pieces and their White Liberal dupes in the European context. The Journal is also a Google AdSense subscriber, each page featuring advertisements chosen by Google software to reflect the page content.

Which explains presumably why this post, which describes the recent disgraceful events in Cologne where an anti-Islamization fest was brought to a halt by an intolerant and violent Left-wing mob, is showing ads for a Muslim dating agency.

Oh the joys of the over-ambitious computer.

16 September, 2008


Blink, and it's gone

So what's happened to BLINK, in full "The Black Information Link", website of a pressure group/campaigning body called The 1990 Trust? Its domain name is no longer registered. Has this anything to do with the withdrawal of funding from the GLA following the ignominious departure of dodgy loudmouth Lee Jasper, special friend of 1990 Trust head honcho Karen Chouhan, as well as the seeming absence of continuing support from national scattergun funder the EHRC?

What a terrible loss! Je suis absolument désolé.

UPDATE (20 Sep 08)

Looks like OBV's taken up the slack. Given that this is also a 1990 Trust-linked operation, possibly by agreement. A spot of retrenchment in the victimhood industry, then, but I still wonder how much I, as a taxpayer, am paying for this drivel.

12 September, 2008


End of world postponed

A nice litte slipette on Wednesday nights BBC Radio 4 news (22:00) in a piece about the formal "opening" of the Large Hadron Collider.
Physicians all over the world are celebrating...
Perhaps they were rejoicing at the prospects for advances in medical isotopes.

The ballyhoo about the LHC is bizarre. Presumably this is driven by the noise created by the millenniallist doomsayers who predict that the LHC will generate an earth-swallowing black hole or a swarm of strangelets which will turn us all into a grey goo. (Grey goo? Eric Drexler, where are you now?)

I wonder if the doomsayers have realized yet that they have been had. As I understand it from my sporadic perusal of the blanket coverage on the rolling news channels, Wednesday's activities consisted of tuning the guidance of proton beams around the ring, one direction at a time. No actual collisions took place.

Prepare even yet to meet thy doom. What would the late, great Stanley Green have made of it all?


A silver lining

Look on the bright side. If nothing else, the fire in the Channel Tunnel has cramped the style of the "asylum seekers" waiting at Nouvelle Sangatte to sneak into enter the Promised Land.

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