16 September, 2008


Blink, and it's gone

So what's happened to BLINK, in full "The Black Information Link", website of a pressure group/campaigning body called The 1990 Trust? Its domain name is no longer registered. Has this anything to do with the withdrawal of funding from the GLA following the ignominious departure of dodgy loudmouth Lee Jasper, special friend of 1990 Trust head honcho Karen Chouhan, as well as the seeming absence of continuing support from national scattergun funder the EHRC?

What a terrible loss! Je suis absolument désolé.

UPDATE (20 Sep 08)

Looks like OBV's taken up the slack. Given that this is also a 1990 Trust-linked operation, possibly by agreement. A spot of retrenchment in the victimhood industry, then, but I still wonder how much I, as a taxpayer, am paying for this drivel.

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