14 May, 2006


Baa humbug

This deserves a fresh airing. I looked in vain for evidence that it is a spoof, but I'm damned if I can find anything. A multiracial sheep family in the recycling business? Allah give me strength; I always suspected there was something deeply strange about the Welsh.

HT Muslim Actionable Committee, which is most decidedly a spoof.


Posh joke

O-Level Latin is recommended for this joke. But I like it and I've done O-Level Latin, so there!

The governers of a private school have reluctantly concluded that the annual tuition fee will have to be increased, so the headmaster dictates a letter to parents advising them of the unwelcome news. Unfortunately, the headmaster's secretary, a young lady who has had the benefit of a modern British public-sector education, mistypes the phrase per annum as per anum and this misspelling goes under the radar of her trusty spell checker.

A bemused and irritated parent writes back
Dear Headmaster,

While I reluctantly accept the inevitably of this increase in my son's fees, I fear I must dissent from your proposed method of payment. I shall continue to pay
per nasum as usual.

Yours, etc

(Crib for those who haven't had the benefit of a classical education at a pretentious school like wot I have, here, here and here.)


These electrons are racist

(Damn that Laban Tall, I thought I might get in first on this one, just the once! Does he get up in the middle of the night to read the papers and blog them before everybody else gets up? But this item in the Funday Times is too good to pass up on.)

ANPR is a roadside camera system which reads the registered number plates of passing vehicles and compares them against various databases for illegal status or associations, alerting police to "interesting" cases. It is intrisically colour blind. Yet 46% of resulting arrests in London were of Black people, while Blacks represent only(!?) 11% of the London population. OK, so there is higher concentration of Blacks in the inner city areas where these contraptions are concentrated, but even so they are still overrepresented by a factor of between two and three.

It will be interesting to see how Sir Ian "Diversity" Blair and his chums in the race industry explain this one away. Probably by withdrawing the ANPR cameras and relocating them to the few remaining "hideously white" suburbs.

06 May, 2006


Thought for the day

It's the early bird that catches the worm,
But it's the second mouse that gets the cheese.

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