14 May, 2006


Posh joke

O-Level Latin is recommended for this joke. But I like it and I've done O-Level Latin, so there!

The governers of a private school have reluctantly concluded that the annual tuition fee will have to be increased, so the headmaster dictates a letter to parents advising them of the unwelcome news. Unfortunately, the headmaster's secretary, a young lady who has had the benefit of a modern British public-sector education, mistypes the phrase per annum as per anum and this misspelling goes under the radar of her trusty spell checker.

A bemused and irritated parent writes back
Dear Headmaster,

While I reluctantly accept the inevitably of this increase in my son's fees, I fear I must dissent from your proposed method of payment. I shall continue to pay
per nasum as usual.

Yours, etc

(Crib for those who haven't had the benefit of a classical education at a pretentious school like wot I have, here, here and here.)

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