20 February, 2013


You live and learn, innit?

On this morning's Today proggie we were treated to a little package from the great Mark Easton (website expansion on the topic here) which explained that the intercensus fall by 600,000 in the number of Londoners self-classifying as White British was not the mythical phenomenon of "white flight" in the face of a culturally and tribally hostile alien invasion but simply folk realizing the opportunistic capital windfall of the house-price bubble to fund their aspiration to live the good life in the bucolic paradise of, er, Westcliff.

An hour later we were treated to a nicely balanced talking-head session on the subject of the package, featuring Oona King, a decent Black Jewess who was found unacceptably diverse as an MP by the curiously monocultural residents of Bethnal Green and Bow, and Danny Dorling, a "professor of human geography".  Professor Dorling wondered aloud why the White middle-class were so keen to leave the capital as soon as they started to have kids when London's schools were so much better than those in the rest of the country because of the greater drive and ambition of immigrant parents.

Clearly I've got it all wrong.  I recant my former ignorance and prejudice.

I for one now welcome our new Black overlords and saviours!


Dorling is a marxist, the usual balanced media discussion from the BBC.

I pity anyone leaving the capital's mean streets for Southend, in the fond hope that we don't have Somali drug lords, Romanian distraction thieves and Chinese illegal labourers.

We do.

This what NuLab worked for so diligently, and though many of their policies were bitter failures this one was a roaring success.

Yes, the travel industry was screwed. After all, why fly to third world sh*tholes when Blair and Brown did so well in bringing them right to your neighbourhood!

I hate the people that did this. I mean I really, really hate them. And Easton is mad.

The theme was reprised this evening with the Moral Maze, the subject being why so many parents are paying for private education.

The contribution from one Dreda Say Mitchell (no, really) was particularly chilling.

It reminded one of that TV show so very long ago with Michael Miles where you couldn't give a direct answer to any question.

The direct answer to be avoided at all costs here being "to avoid having your child sitting with 29 other classmates speaking 20 different languages".

Some vintage Easton obfuscation in this paragraph-

'The people moving into the borough tend to be of black African heritage. I was introduced to Victor and Victoria, whose parents came to Britain from Ghana in the 50s. He works for London Transport and she is a nurse in the NHS - typical of the professional black families who've arrived from inner London to take advantage of available housing as the borough's white residents leave.'

He implies 3 things here, namely, that the black Africans in the borough are Londoners of long standing 'trading up', and not recent immigrants, that they are mainly 'professionals', and that the local whites are no longer interested in living in the Council owned housing stock now disproportionately occupied by recent immigrants.He's wrong on all three counts, almost certainly knows he's wrong, but he still writes this bilge, believing this is what his employers,the chattering classes at the Beeb, prefer to hear.Contemptible.

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