23 December, 2012


The kill chassis

The spamwave continues unabated.  Blogger seems to be losing control, and so am I.  I may have to consider re-enabling word verification.

And I apologize if I have overlooked any genuine comments which have been miscategorized as spam.  I don't operate a silent deletion policy for genuine comments, even abusive ones.  In the rare event that a real comment has to be deleted, eg for illegality, breach of Blogger's T&Cs, persistent volume abuse, gross irrelevance, then I will generally explain why.

But the following pointless bit of comment spam has a curiously haunting poetic quality that is worth preserving

The kill chassis. However, encouragement may few you scrape toy. What rump this equip your wide boys is deviate they demeanour their plus imagination. Hard by having this toy, trouble boys demeanour responsible their patience. far open toy, instructions anent followed. Moreover, drift you are effective are ergo you spine those scintilla parts. keep company with together, unsystematically you bonus fun. upon Meccano. Straight you are uncut such painless birthday, shudder at using. Round are burden for you may befit them are associate with heir doesn't publish it. Purchase boys foundation easier object of are ergo you groundwork find. Down are toys go you hither or cumulate together. Relative to are manifold options pozycjonowanie warszawa you derriere there. Toy robots arse justify gift. On touching are sculpt kits lose concentration you ahead you wipe toy. Winning you duff toy, you mainstay attack or cumulate first. Nearby is controlled by you appropriately guided nearly parts.

It almost but not quite seems to mean something. Weird.  Tedious lists of URLs promising me fake Gucci handbags or hand-knitted waterproof fake-wool cocksocks with which to cover my artificially extended penis when, unexpectedly engorged, it pops the zip of my trousers, well that's boring.  But the occasional bit of surreallist prose, even when it is produced by a travesty generator, and with no link payload, now that makes a pleasant change, innit.

'The Kill Chassis'.


You know, I think you might have found the next Bond movie title!

Where's the free viagra and why do they always use the wrong link code? [www.]

"... and why do they always use the wrong link code? [www.]"

Dunno. I guess it's because a common spam filter test is to look for excessive numbers of hyperlinks. Mebbe spammers who want to publish loadsa links use BBCode in a fairly half-arsed attempt to disguise them.

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