06 December, 2012


Borat will be delighted

On the new, improved CIF, Karan Bilmoria has been busily telling us all how the country is about to fall apart for the lack of skilled Bengali curry chefs and how restrictions on the entry of all those bright, enterprising non-EU shelf-stackers, er, taxi drivers, er, students are hastening our descent into third-world poverty.

Rather in the manner of a retired district officer extolling the benefits that the British Empire has brought to the benighted natives of the darker continents as he sips his pink gin, Karan-ji waxes condescendingly lyrical about the boons which his "community" has bestowed on the English, a simple people incapable of mastering the arcane arts of curry preparation, it seems.  And indeed the English are most grateful, for they have rewarded this jumped-up curry and lager merchant not only with a CBE, but with a barony as well — the man is now, apparently, Lord Bilharzia of Chelsea.  Lucky Chelsea.

Karan has less success in selling his cheap labour and immigration scam to the unruly rabble below the line at CIF, but there you go.

Anyway, perhaps, if he's not too busy setting the British economy to rights, perhaps Lord Bilmoria can help me out with this,

spotted in a local Wetherspoon.  Forgive the apostrophe d'épicier and marvel only briefly at the inventive spelling of 'potato', if you will.

But WTF is a mankini curry

Google (actually the less intrusive Ixquick in my case) has nothing to say on the matter.  I would have asked the barstaff, but the few who spoke English well enough to understand what I was on about were too busy.

Answers on a postcard, please.

"But WTF is a mankini curry?  "


I just...


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