20 October, 2012


My apologies

I've just managed to carelessly delete the most recent 50 comments left on this blog. And there doesn't appear to be a way to recover them.

Thar'll learn me not to attempt to clear out the spam folder while my attention is distracted by one of Mr Kipling's exceedingly good apple and blackcurrant pies.

As we old Unix hackers say, only a fool ponders the implications of
rm -rf /*
however theoretically, while under the influence of pies.

It's been one of those weeks. Yesterday I confused platforms 3 and 4 at Charing Cross. Fortunately the train I actually boarded was going in the right general direction, and having recognized my error as the train arrived at Blackheath, getting back onto the Greenwich and Woolwich line was relatively painless.

Ho hum. Sorry about that.

Update (2012-10-21 08:40)

Deleted comments (more or less) restored from mail archive.  All very embarrassing.

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