15 September, 2012


Yet another Mail fail

You do have to wonder whether the Daily Mail has actually taken to employing monkeys to write and sub its articles.

Take this article:

Pictured: Woman accused of trying to kill
newborn baby by hurling her down 50ft rubbish chute
appears in court for first time

Tragic, whatever it all turns out to be about, but in itself just another stunning tale of vibrancy from the throbbing multiculture to which after a while you become inured.

Sure enough, there appears in the article a photograph of the alleged baby-hurler being led away in handcuffs:

If you examine that image you will see that I have blurred out the woman's face. On the original picture at the Mail the face is as clear as the rest of the picture. Why have I done this? Well, further down the the article we find


Cultural relativism = FGM is no worse nor better than, e.g, Morris dancing. Polygamy? Illegal for me (plus what would Mrs W say?), but legal and dole-supported for every Mohammed or Ibrahim who doesn't fancy living up to his ankles in goat sh@t in Crappistan.

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And it's still there three days later, shame they disallowed comments, one of their readers might have pointed it out to them.

I hope she sues!

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I expect some low-life to be terribly waaaaacist and say it doesn't matter if they show her face as they all look alike to them. Yes, appalling!

In the meantime, the 'lady' question appears to be handcuffed to a man... a non-muslim male... wtf!!? If true, isn't that likely to cause for a 'protest' in distant lands involving the burning down of embassies and the buggering of dead diplomats?

One hopes not...

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I'm surprised there hasn't been more comment on Andrew Marr being caught snogging and groping a colleague.

He once wrote: "It may be my Presbyterian background, but I firmly believe that repression can be a great, civilising instrument for good."

He clearly needs a bit more repression, coz it don't seem to be working...

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