06 September, 2012


Waynetta and Klamidiah, eat your hearts out

I was half listening to the pure vowels of Steph McGovern, Middlesbrough lass and a native speaker of Ecky Thump, as she did a business news piece from the Honda factory in Swindon on this morning's BBC Breakfast proggie. Then she introduced one of the apprentices for a heartwarming chat. A young man called Clark, or so I believed until the caption came up,

Jesus H Bennett!

There are some countries where at registration, the given name of a child must be selected only from a list of approved, generally traditional names. I begin to wonder if they just might have a point.

And his sister Kwim : )

[Reposted] Originally posted by Posted by Robert the Biker to Dogwash at 06 September, 2012 11:39

A cunning anagram of Clark, I'll be bound, yet subtly preserving the sound... A triumph of parental naming.

You see, this is where it works. In a world of dull uniformity, this lad's name stands him out like a beacon, and undoubtedly will attract him mates, money, fame, adulation and some strangely written birthday crads.

(PS I knew a girl whose mother couldn't spell her name "Sarah." The birthday cards the lass got were addressed to "Sahara")

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Beon, I knew that girl. We used to call her 'Sandy'.

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