10 September, 2012


So good they had to link to it twice

In among a piece in the Fail about a brace of judy scuffers in the locker room being unconscionably rude about Darkies, interesting enough in itself, there is a link to a story about Sir Tony Baldry's recent parking adventure at, er, Poundland.

So riveting did the subs find the Long John story that they actually linked to it twice

Erm, that's not how it's supposed to work, guys. So I followed their earnest recommendation and clicked on one of the links. And quite a tale it is, too, marred just a little in the telling by mistakes like this

in both the captions and the text.

Shibboleth fail, methinks. Just exactly where is the bulldog British Mail being edited these days?

The onward march of the Stasi continues unchecked.

Is it compulsory to find the IC3's attractive now ? Really it's just a fag paper away from what living saint Cassius Clay said on the Parkie show.

[Reposted] Originally posted by Anonymous to Dogwash at 10 September, 2012 20:03

Crikey. Garofalo? Sugda? Juhasz?

[Reposted] Originally posted by formertory to Dogwash at 12 September, 2012 22:32

Fine old English names all.

[Reposted] Originally posted by Edwin Greenwood to Dogwash at 13 September, 2012 04:31

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