03 September, 2012


Not on the Nine O'Clock News

Or any other mainstream media outlet, so it would seem.

The EDL went to Walthamstow on Saturday to pay their respects to that nice Mr Choudary and his mates. Something of a bunfight apparently, with some very hard buns flying about. And yet not a peep out of the MSM, and HnH is making it up as they go along as usual. You can always tell when HnH is liveblogging something that isn't going according to their liking; they starting waffling about irrelevancies and making stuff up, like this for example. Maybe a railwayman can set me right on this, but I thought that procedure when the communication alarm is pulled while a tube train is in tunnel is to continue to the next station.

But I quibble. There is good reporting from Esme, as usual. And the Casuals United girls have some interesting reports. For example here and here and, well, passim really, innit.

OK, let's be fair. A peaceful demo or festival or march generally attracts non-local media attention the first time, but once it becomes business as usual, then it's usually no longer news. But this was a significant public order incident because of the particularly violent response of the Antifash and, particularly, the local Vibrants. Yet the BBC news seems to think that the sad demise of songwriter Hal David is more important.

Odd that.

Even some of the police are getting a bit concerned at the way these things are handled.

Wonders will never cease!

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