03 August, 2012


Subediting for dummies

The remains of Australian outlaw and posthumous antihero Ned Kelly are to be handed over to his family for decent burial.

Fair enough. But in yesterday's Evening Standard (dead tree edition) a subeditor exposes a particularly tricky practical problem

Mr Kelly's youngest ancestors would now be in their 170s or 180s. Presumably they will now have to be exhumed and resurrected to execute his reinterment.

Mind you, I do like the phrasing of Ned's Wikipedia article

In August 2011, anthropologists announced that a skeleton found in a mass grave in Pentridge Prison had been confirmed as Kelly's. Kelly's skull, however, remains at large.

Remains at large, eh? I have the image of a skull hopping into an outback hotel.

— Tube o' Tooheys, mate. And just stuff all the banknotes in the till into my eyesocket. Or I'll bleedin' haunt ye.

Bit of skullduggery going on.


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