27 July, 2012


Well, well, well!

Three holes in the ground?

Yeah, maybe. But this too:

Olympic athlete seeks asylum in Britain

Perhaps the newspapers could make themselves useful by keeping a count. You know, like

Ishmailia (Muslamic Rep of)
— Gold: 0
— Silver: 0
— Bronze: 0
— Asylum seekers: 23

As the (seemingly) immortal Brucie would say, "Good game! Good game!"

Don't worry if he's any good and plays his cards right this clown will be fast tracked through the system after a thorough 5 nanosecond background check and will be in team GB on Monday with the rest of the Dsrkies good game indeed.

The spread betting outlets operate mainly offshore these days, which you'd think would insulate them to a degree from central government nannying.So I'm a bit surprised none of them seemed to have opened a book on the number of third world athletes & officials who'll abscond during the Games.

I'd put the number in the low three figures bracket at least. Claiming 'asylum' would not appear to be the best option- if you are being persecuted by your government (for your beliefs, ethnicity, sexuality- tick box as required) UKBA could presumably rejoinder 'So WTF did President Bongo's Sports Minister choose you to be one of the lucky few?'. Just 'forgetting' to get on the team bus scooting you back to Heathrow, and disappearing into the multi-ethnic miasma that is the London Borough of Newham (the primary Games venue) would appear to be the best bet for a potential abscondee.


Here we go...


Well, well, well indeed. Must have got on the wrong shuttle bus and didn't trust asking any of those queer people in pink tabards for directions.

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