11 May, 2012


Naughty Jim

On this morning's Today programme, I'm sure I heard that nice Mr Naughtie begin to refer to the ArcelorMittal Orbit — a sort of knotted thing in the Olympic Park, but very artistic I'm sure — as the "Arsehole Metal Orbit", before stopping and correcting himself.

Another Hulture Secretary moment, there Jim.  Careful, lad, or you'll be getting a reputation for yourself.

Yes, I heard this too and have been trawling the internet periodically today to see if anyone else noticed it. For a while there I thought it ws maybe just in my head...

I heard it too. I was waiting for the presenters to collapse into laughter but they controlled themselves, making me think I had heard wrongly. However, my partner heard it too.
I wonder if Mr Naughtie might be doing it for a bet.

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