15 March, 2012


Must try harder

So anyway you're doing a bit of light reading about the Reformation, during which you Google

Diet of Worms

As you do, innit. The mighty algorithms of Google swing into action to bring you a personalized advertisement carefully matched to your interests


I suppose now I'll be followed round the web by slimming adverts for the next few weeks. A couple of years ago I did a search for something to do with snakes. A passing interest so casual and inconsequential that I can't remember the detail of it. What I do remember is that the most interesting result was on the website of a Dutch zoo. Now officially I don't read Dutch but as Dutch is — sorry, Dutch people, but it's true — essentially German vocabulary with an English consonant system, I can manage reasonably well. And so it was that for months thereafter, 50% of the adverts displayed to me by websites were in the Dutch language.

It's bad enough you being creepily intrusive, Google, but you might at least be competently creepily intrusive.


i sometimes look up web pages detailing RoP atrocities and underhand activities by our newly arrived friends from many tribes.

However I now get bombarded (no pun intended) on Goggle by ads inviting me to meet headscarf-clad women. I can't think why as I see plenty round the streets where I live already. You know, heads down, hands thrust deep in coat pockets and looking as miserable as all get out. I presume they are not happy despite the cosmic rewards on offer to their cult, but I have no desire to try to cheer them up (anyhow, many of them don't really speak my language) so I am happy to let them pass by.

But to meet more of them? I think not.

I also look at a lot of anti-jihad sites (not anti-Islam ones, I hasten to add, to forestall my probably inevitable arrest for offending someone or other), and I am (figuratively)assaulted by Muslim dating sites. I just wish they would be a little more specific, and let me clarify whether I would prefer to be the first, second, third, or fourth wife of some hirsute RoP public benefits recipient.

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