31 March, 2012


Etaoin Shrdlu despairs

Ross draws our attention to an innovative piece of tomfoolery from Essex Constabulary, as reported by a Daily Mail hack with a similarly innovative approach to English grammar and spelling.

Repeat after me, "Greggs are rolling out a new role in outlets across their retail estate as specialist sausage roll sales associate."

And do make your mind up whether you want to use singular or plural:
Essex Police has vowed ... as it rolls it out ...
Essex Police have vowed ... as they roll it out ...
But not the semi-literate drivel wot u wrote, Sunshine.

Exits stage left pursued by mob crying, "Filthy pedant! Hanging's too good for the likes of him!"


Pedantry on this, and other grammar topics should be mandatory.

Probably punctuation, too, since I edited my post and forgot to adjust the commas.....

Interesting. Blogger decided that your comment of 09:26 was spam.

Perhaps it was all those extra full stops at the end of the sentence. The approved number of dots in an ellipsis is three. There's nothing else I can think of.

Hmm. Maybe the Blogger spam engine is a pedant too. There's hope for us yet!

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