08 January, 2012


No comment?

And in yet another CIF thread milking the Stephen Lawrence show trial,

Stephen Lawrence verdict does not end the debate on police racism

at 02:30 this morning we find

but by 09:20 we read

Oh dear. I wonder which "community standard" Laban broke, then. Answers on a postcard, please.

They're rattled, aren't they?

Update (21:00)

The Civitas report linked to in the deleted post is available for download at http://www.civitas.org.uk/pdf/cs05.pdf.

You might also find Institutional Racism and the Police: Fact or Fiction? of interest, from the same source.

The sheer number of 'OK, overt racism has gone away but there's the subtle racism, the stuff you can't point to, that's still there!' articles shows that, yes, they are indeed rattled.

One of them this morning was written by an 18 year old. 18, FFS!

I don't think they're rattled. The general view is that the Lawrence Inquiry proved that the police were institutionally racist. Evidence to the contrary must be suppressed, that's all.

I'd write to Georgina Henry if I thought it would do any good.

Very interesting vapourized post - thanks for the pointer to the Civitas report.

Clearly dissent from the Guardian groupthink narrative will not be tolerated. Facts are sacred my arris.

Sadly you may well be right, Laban.

True believers who regard the suppression of counterrevolutionary heresy as a self-evident righteous act, perhaps?

Cynics cooking the books for their own political advantage would be preferable. At least you can communicate with them.

It is surprising ( as indeed JuliaM finds it so) that so many young people are so wedded to the idea of the great socialist society, where evil people must be rounded up and corrected.

The other day I was with a young woman from London (relative to be via marriage, not an amorous link at my age) and pleasant though she is in many ways her general tone was that of how nasty 'the right is' and how progressive she and her left-leaning friends are. She mixes, she says, with people who are activists and nationalists ( a strange mix, perhaps) but there is a conviction in her outlook that there are so many wrongs to be made correct, rather than what I might have imagined was a better position of saying that people are largely people and ought to sort out their own issues.

Her default view would seem to be there are only nasty tories and kind, caring socialists... neither of which to me appears to have either any basis in fact or offer evidence she has looked, for herself, at life and its many aspects. It is a convenient viewpoint and no doubt finds favour among her friends, but for the rest of us who have certainly seen the caring socialists in action, it is more than a little puzzling.

Odd too that London based journalists approve of the same ideas, lecturing us continually that we are going to hell in a handcart because we are all racist, would prefer to express an opinion on Europe one more time, are not carbon-friendly, have reservations about unlimited immigration and disapprove of the ridiculous and doomed policy of handing over continual large sums of money to people who won't help themselves.

Thanks for the link to the Civitas report Edwin/Laban. Co-written Norman Dennis I see, a real hero who didn't give a fig for received Metropolitan opinions, unlike Jack Straw, Sir William Macpherson, Commissioner Blair and the rest of the bein pensant crew.


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