13 January, 2012


A missing word

A report from The Bolton News (via)

‘Predator’ in sex case jailed

A couple of quotes:

A “predatory” man “saw no harm” in sexually assaulting a teenager from a different ethnic background, a court was told.


“She was not from your ethnic background.

I am quite sure you have a hypocritical view of sexual matters, and, while you would not be prepared to sexually assault someone from your own background, you saw no harm at all in sexually approaching this young girl because she was of a different background.”

Now there is word I would normally expect to see in such an news report. Begins with an R, I seem to recall.

Surely the following has nothing to do with that omission:

The judge also recommended that Mehri, of Tildsley Street, Daubhill, should be deported to Afghanistan, where he is originally from. He moved to this country in 2005.

Have you seen that post at Julias today about the chap who got let off for attacking a kid because 'he is white'.

The judge can recommend all he wants but he and we all know the scum will claim his ooman rights are infringed so he'll get to stay with compensation for all the stress he's been through.

I do honestly believe the idiots in power want a 'reaction' from the majority of law-abiding people in this country. Me, I think there'll soon be a severe shortage of piano wire.

If that was my daughter, he wouldn't get the chance to be deported, he'd have to be sent home in a bucket!

Poor man has been corrupted by the evil, nasty west. He should be glad he can go home at once and he can be back with all the people who love him and admire him.

And he can tell them all how horrible the west was and how they better stay away.

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