30 January, 2012



I've just deleted a post shortly after publication, having realized that I was, to use the demotic phrase, talking complete bollocks. Deleting stuff on the web is never straightforward. In the present case doing so will confuse the RSS thingy, or whatever it is, that people kindly use to publish their self-updating blogrolls — and which I haven't managed to work out how to use myself.

So this here is a filler post to prevent unhelpful error messages.

Here is a cryptic pun, or quite possibly a dirty joke — I'll let you decide — to be going on with:

The Bishop's a long time coming, remarked the Actress, stirring her tea with her free hand.

Are you sure it was bollox, or merely blogger's regret?

Most of the time you seem to talk sense...

Nah, it was a factual cock-up, caused by not paying proper attention.

I am currently reviewing my posting rules.

Rule 1: Never post under the affluence of incohol.

which I have followed mostly successfully for the past seven years. To which I might add

Rule 2: Never post until you are more-or-less awake after the second cup of coffee of the day.

True and utter bolox is an artform all of its own

Damn. that was BOLLOX!


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