13 December, 2011


Sentence of the week

No, this is not a Court News UK post.

Remember those stereotypical Victorian phrase books containing translations into foreign of everyday sentences like

"My postilion has been struck by lightning."
"My camel has been eaten by wolves."
"Desist from your unwelcome attentions, knave; I warn you that I am a personal friend of the Khedive."

Well, I plan to revive the tradition, and the following splendid sentence by Anna Raccoon (comment No 23) will be the first item in my new work to be entitled

Handy phrases for the lone traveller in Northern Canada,
rendered into Inuit and 30 other languages
you have never heard of

"I believe the Beaver population was depilated, but the Raccoons escaped unscathed."

Keep 'em coming.

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