20 December, 2011


One of us, eh?

Posts here are likely to be a bit sparse over the next few weeks as matters on "the home front" demand most of my attention, but I cannot let this fine upstanding chap pass without comment.

‘I laugh when a soldier is killed’

Mr Hussain was apparently born in Oxford and is therefore, according to the received wisdom on fora like CiF, British. As British as I am.

So that's alright, then.

But Edwin, getting pissed and then declaring your support for murderers is a fine old British tradition. They'd love him at Celtic Park.

As is declaring that your missus drove you into the arms of the demon drink! ;)

Meh, born geographically 'in Britian' does not equate to being born 'of Britain'. Plenty of streets in the UK where the architecture is Victorian Terrace, but the mind-set is Afghan Tribal Areas.

Next time you need a hair cut, travel to your nearest Muslim area and pick a barber's at random: it's an interesting experience.

Mr G and Julia,

So basically it's all our fault, I guess. We have corrupted this fine exemplar of Islamic manhood with our evil licentious Western ways. What's the answer, I wonder. Shari'a law in Oxford? Halal vodka?


Hmm. After careful reflection about this exciting possibility, I think I'll still be going round the corner to Gary's barber shop for my next penny all-off.

We shouldn't have soldiers stationed in barbaric countries: we really ought to leave them to do what they do best and throw acid at schoolgirls so the 'men' can tell themselves that Allah loves them for being so brave.

Sorry for the schoolgirls, of course, but that's islum for you.

From reading the Editoral in the Under-Achievers' Daily about a nasty outbreak of local democracy in Hungary, that the correct term for such as Mr Hussain residing under a passport of convenience, is foreign hearted

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