23 December, 2011


John Terry in ghost sex saga shocker

Little Nicky Lowles, the opportunistic sanctimonious creep stalwart anti-racist campaigner who heads up the newly independent Hate not Hope campaign, has blogged his view that John Terry should be relieved of his England captaincy immediately; we need not wait until a kangaroo court has convicted him of the dreadful crime of being jolly rude to a Black man a person of colour, oh you know, one of those.

To support his claim that immediate action should be taken, he cites an earlier incident involving Mr Terry.

Extra-material affair, eh? Bloody 'ell, Nick. You're right, mate. If Terry's been shagging ghosts, he should deffo be banged up pronto and throw away the key, never mind wait for some poncy show-trial.



Turing word: cuatocul Pretty sure he's a minor god in the Aztec pantheon...

I think cuatocul was actually the Mayan god of anal sex. But I may be wrong — I usually am.

The 'Daily Mail' has this story.

Now, what do YOU suppose flashed through Terry's mind when he was approach by a woman with a baby... ;)

"Christ, that's the worst case of facial pixelation syndrome I've ever seen; I hope it's not catching."

followed by

"On the other hand, a caring photo holding a sick pickney, and I might just get away with not having to suck Darcus Howe's cock as part of my re-education."

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