13 December, 2011


Hamleys goes unisex

Following, it is claimed, a searingly vital and relevant campaign by equality harridan Laura Nelson, Hamley's have removed gender-differentiating references from some of their in-shop signage.

Well, all I can say is

(Available here.)

According to LibCon, our Laura "has a background in neuroscience". Presumably she boycotted the lectures where they taught you how little boys and little girls' brains are wired differently.


Update (16:15)

It's just occurred to me that in Emma West's blockbuster video, Emma's little boy, who despite the bleating of the Righteous doesn't really seem to be absolutely totally traumatized by what is going on around him, is holding some kind of action man doll. At one stage he aims it, in the manner of a gun, at the Black woman with whom Emma is having a shouting match.

Boys will be boys, eh? Good lad!

Fantastic, now the boys can visit the 'dolls and dressing up' department without feeling out of place.

O/T: Since this morning, I'm unable to access your blog on my iPhone, as O2 requires me to prove I'm over 18....


Interesting. I'm inclined on the whole to regard that as a compliment. I wonder if I'm a porn site or a hate site.

T-Mobile has done the same for as long as I've used them (4 years). I didn't mind going through the process too much (nominal debit against my credit card, immediately repaid), since I'm on PAYG and PAYG phones are handed out to sprogs like sweeties.

Re the depressing Liberal Conspiracy piece, "success" is not the word I would use.

And - whilst I admit I'm not that hot on feminist/equality/communist/maniac reasoning - I fail to see WHY categorising toys as 'girl' and 'boy' is sexist in the first place. Is there a line of small print on every Barbie box that reads "girls and their toys are inferior to boys and theirs - HATE YOURSELF, INFERIOR ONE" or what?

Really, why don't these freaks just f*ck off to North Korea? They'll be happy, we'll be happy, everyone wins.

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