11 November, 2011


What the papers say

Half of all water-damaged mobile phones in the UK have been dropped in the toilet, study finds

or so the Daily Mail tells us.
  1. Are we remotely surprised?
  2. Do we care?
  3. I'd be more interested to know why anybody would bother conducting this "study".
  4. And why a "newspaper, not a snoozepaper" (remember that?) would bother to report it.
No, scrub #4. It's the Mail, that's answer enough.

The article is helpfully illustrated. Here is a picture of a mobile phone and of some water. Or possibly some other "fluid".

Oh and just in case you are still confused, a pair of photographs comparing a mobile telephone with a water closet is provided. Regrettably, however, it is not made unambiguously clear which is which. This may cause readers unnecessary embarrassment and, er, inconvenience.

But it's that casual and unspecific "... or fluid" which is the most worrying part of the whole piece. I shall be fretting about that all night. My mind will be boggling gently.

Picture editing at its best. It certainly flushes away the News Shopper's feeble efforts with random images of parts of fire engines.

This has been kicking round for years; it's not a study so much as figures released by insurers. Apparently happens because men like to stick their phones in their shirt or jacket breast pocket and then bend over to lift the seat.......... plop (if you see what I mean).

Must have been a slow, slow day at the Fail.

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