09 November, 2011


Journalistic units of measurement

Asteroid 2005 YU55 has, we are told, passed the Earth at a reassuringly safe-sounding distance of 1.6 megafurlongs. The object is approximately 1 aircraft carrier in diameter. Regrettably I can find no estimate of the object's mass in megafirkins, or even for that matter in African elephants.

The next encounter with a comparably dangerous planetesimal is not expected for another 420 fortnights.

That is all.

The close passage of the object did drain ten-thousand lobotomes of intelligence from the Earth's gravimatrix, leaving us with less than 1 trillion kilojoules of nuerosity bubs.

I don't know about you but, that worries me a lot.

Give them 2.45cm and they'll take 1.609344 kilometres...

1 aircraft carrier?

Hell's teeth, I hate these new-fangled modern measurements.

What is that in good old-fashioned Nelson's columns?

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