03 November, 2011


Droit de l'Assange

Apparently that jolly creepy Mr Assange has lost his appeal against being extradited to Sweden for questioning about the curiously Swedish alleged crime of sexuellt ofredande, which as far as I can make any sense of it means shagging two women in fairly quick succession who subsequently each got the hump about the other woman and retrospectively withdrew consent. Or whatever. In plain terms he's being fitted up for annoying the authorities.

As an amateur historian of language, I was struck by the unusual surname Assange and have been doing a little bit of research in ancient castles and dusty archives on your behalf. And believe me I've got the bruises and the spider bites to prove it. It turns out that Assange is an Anglo-Norman word. You will have heard of the ancient feudal rights of Socage (screwing the tenants), Pillage (nicking stuff you fancy) and of course Droit du Seigneur (screwing the tenants' daughters). To this must be added the right of Droit de l'Assange (fitting up tenants who say inconvenient things).

Ah, the great British traditions.

Interesting research, obvious from day one that that Assange is being fitted up by the CIA.
I don't even see what crime he has commited under UK law so why the extradition, after all Sweden is not the USA with its special rendition rights.

Btw, I think that part of his Swede Crime was not using a condom which is, seemingly, now defined as rape of itself. Perhaps he should consider himself lucky not to have been "Kellyed".

And there was me thinking he batted for the other team. Just goes to show how wrong you can be when you go by foppish looks.

My brain apologises.

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