12 November, 2011


170 EDL arrests to "prevent a breach of the peace"

The midnight news on Radio 4 reports this within its item on yesterday's commemoration of Armistice Day in central London in approximately the following terms (from memory, gist only): "170 people believed to be members of the EDL were arrested by Police in order to prevent a possible breach of the peace".

This sparse statement, given its context, makes it sound as if the EDLers were planning to violently disrupt the commemoration itself; a disgraceful slur. Various other reports point to a supposed Facebook threat or even simply a suggestion that, since the MAC "Hell for Heroes" stunt was no longer in play, EDLers visiting London to oppose MAC should turn their attention onto the OccupyLSX mob instead.

Whatever. Doubtless more will emerge. In the meantime, the interested reader might find this report from Esmerelda, who was there, illuminating if not indeed frightening.

Things are getting nasty.

They assembled fast, didn't they? The police, I mean.

Wonder why they couldn't shift that fast in the recent riots...?

After reading Esmerelda's eye witness post I'm even keener than I was hitherto for Theresa May's head to roll over the Brodie Clark affair.

'Wonder why they couldn't shift that fast in the recent riots...?'

Julia- the rioters at the initial riot in Tottenham were overwhelmingly from a designated victim group ie 'inner city blacks'. The people kettled in the Red Lion yesterday lacked the requisite victim group credentials, so the police were free to behave towards them as thuggishly as they liked.

They really do fear this organisation, don't they ?

I thought pre-crime was a fiction from Minority Report.

Pre-crime! I knew there had to be a name for arresting people who perhaps might possibly be thinking about maybe doing some potential thing which the government wouldn't like.
I was thinking that Orwell's 1984 might have a term, but now I see that I have to look to Minority Report. Thanks, Anonymous!

I wouldn't worry. I'd bet the average cop is sympathetic to the EDL, but when ordered to do something by an officer, probably promoted during the politically correct reign of New Labour, they just do as they are told.

Next time the inner city ethnics and their wigger friends riot I'm sure the police response will be robust and bloody.

"Wonder why they couldn't shift that fast in the recent riots...?"

Because the riots happened without pre-planning, whereas the EDL and their even sadder mates in 'Combined Ex-Forces' can't help shooting their mouths off on Facebook weeks in advance of what they intend doing?

Perhaps you have a Facebook example of EDL intent to cause a breach of the peace at the remembrance ceremony ?
Otherwise we'll just have to conclude you're full of shit.

For me, I'd feel less uneasy about the police action if they took the same course when the floorbutters routinely cause an obstruction to traffic by praying to their imaginary friend Balooo the Bear in the public road.

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