27 October, 2011


So just how many people are there already in the UK?

Not to be outdone by the UN's "celebration" of the world population hitting the 7 billion mark, the ONS has been busy telling us that here in this small, damp, foggy archipelago off the north-western coast of Eurasia, we are well on the way to 70 million — by 2027. Oh really? So soon?

What is surprising is how little information there is on so important a subject. There is this article from four years ago of course, which claimed that an unnamed supermarket chain and an unnamed "agricultural organization" had separately estimated the country's then population at 77 to 80 million. In 2007, not 2027. As the piece was published in an "interesting facts about our wonderful world" corner in the Independent it has been generally ignored. And it's a staggering figure: if true, the population has been undercounted by 25% (or to put it another way the actual population is 33% higher than we think it is — tricky johnnies these percentages).

More recently, the ineffable Polly had a piece about a year ago on CiF about population undercounting. Polly was concerned about the proposed redrawing of parliamentary constituencies and its impact on the balance of the parties. But I find the population figures themselves rather more interesting. The estimates quoted by the Indy were based on food consumption. The figures quoted by Polly come, how can I put it, from the other end of the alimentary canal. The local water and sewage company has used its coprometric skills to estimate that there are 30,000 people in Slough over and above the official figure of about 130,000. Which is broadly in line with the Indy's numbers.

And just recently we have had the Mail's aerial photos of "garden developments" in darkest Southall.

For my own little corner of Greater Woolwich, I can offer only anecdotal observations. Simply living here and going about my business each day allows me to gather non-quantitative but nonetheless valid observations. Numerous one-bedroomed flats in the district, for example, which used to accommodate retired singletons or as-yet childless young couples are now occupied by African families with two or three small children.

And what reminded me to write this post: on my way from the station yesterday I passed a terraced property which is lived in by a floating population of East European workers. I see a bunk bed has been newly installed in one of the downstairs rooms. Could have just been moved out of the way into a "spare room", of course...

I could bore you with other examples, but the picture is clear enough. The question is, who are all these people who are not keen to be counted? Let me put it this way. A few years ago, the then Government estimated that there were about 350,000 illegals present in the country. This figure was so ludicrous that they were compelled to up it twice over a period of a couple of days. The official figure is now, I believe from memory, about 700,000 to 1,000,000. I rather suspect the actual count is very considerably higher than that.

On Newsnight there was a feature on the number of births to foreign born mothers. It had a report from a hospital in Leicester, where 45% of the births are to foreign born mothers (the figures are 25% nationwide).

Your "garden developments" link to the Daily Fail links to piece about missing people in the Independent....

Ah! Just testing, of course. Fixed.

We know there are lots of muslims having kids on the state (and some of them really hate the British nation, but take the cash) and people jet in to this country to have babies and refuse to leave. Once one is in, we seem unable to stop assorted relatives, hangers on and the rest of the village arriving.

Near where I live the followers of Mo all have large houses duly extended, attic access put in or even houses joined together across driveways (I assume all planning permission properly applied for) and even large 'outhouses' in the gardens that house various other family members. Interestingly, all of them soon opt for the high gates and raised brick walls with railing look, as if they fear the locals...

Anyway, we have far more than 60 million already and many of them drop offspring like there is no tomorrow. Fortunately the NHS happily provides legions of interpreters and counsellors to explain that their wives, in labour, may well be attended by a male who isn't (a) of the family or (b) of the preferred faith.

Even better in this multi-culti vibrant world, the ageing mothers -- having duly podded repeatedly -- then benefit from large state payouts. It helps pay for all those binbags to put their girls in when sending them off to the mosque for indoctrination.

The true cost of all this open border policy is too great to comprehend.

(By the way, I do know of one RoP member who accidently knocked down his own kid as the child got out of the car to go to his mother's house, poor mite. The father was, I am told, on his way to see one of his other wives in her house when he caused the accident. Fortunately compensation was forthcoming for all.)

@anon 10:34 "where 45% of the births are to foreign born mothers"
Which does not include the offspring of the first deluge of immigrants in the 70s and 80s.

Remember that nice Mr Powell worrying on about just a few tens of thousands and how "the black man will occupy whole towns and large swathes of major cities"
And look what happened to him, talk about shooting the messenger.

I was in the bank in Erdington one day not so long ago.

In front of me was a youngish lady and a very elderly gentleman. I would guess, for one becomes an expert at these things, that they were both of 'East African' extraction.

It became apparent that the old chap did not speak any English. And why should he, indeed? The young lady appeared to be doing interpreter duty for him, and may not have been any kind of familial relative,but rather somebody employed by the state for just this very purpose.

His transaction was a withdrawal. After they had finished at the counter, this couple stood to one side in the bank and conitnued to converse in their native tongue. The old feller was clutching a fairly susbstantial handful of twenties, and the young lady talked earnestly to him, presumably advising him on how to be repeat the transaction at his convenience.

That old gentleman's face was a picture. He was literally beaming. The joy and amazement expressed on his visage made the average six year old on Christmas Morning look like a very disgruntled extra in the video to the late Amy Winehouse's song "Back to Black'.

I can't tell you how warm the whole thing made me feel. How wonderful it is to be a part of this vibrant, diverse and welcoming economy; where even being 70 and not speaking a word of the lingo prevents you from jamming your hand so far into the biscuit barrel you get chafe marks under your armpits.

Its only a fucking pity i'm paying for it.

Primary school rolls have to be the best indication of where we are at, as presumably there are few people who will not take advantage of a free babysitting service.

Per 2010 78.5% of state primary school pupils In England were white, with 2.7% of mixed race but part white.

20.8% seem to be what is termed a Visible Ethnic Minority, with 0.7% unclassified.

The number of ethnics is rising about 1% year on year, and given that primary school covers 7 years I'd imagine this year's reception classes (and certainly live births) are >30% "VEM" (as they say).

Anyone who has several children going through the school system can watch with interest the changes in their make-up of the classes each time one of their kids starts school.


More interesting admissions about the previous labour governments immigration policies, coming direct from the king rat himself


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