15 October, 2011


No fair!

In 2003 I was booted off the old Guardian Unlimited Talk forum for gross unrighteousness. A couple of years later I decided to rejoin under a different identity. As you do. I proposed the perfectly innocent screen name NorfolkEnchants. Unaccountably this was rejected as being too rude. Can't understand it myself.

Now what do I find below the line of a CiF article telling us we are all racists for refusing to eat Chinese stir-fried dog, or some such?


And this, I take it, is the foodie equivalent of "British culture is nothing but binge drinking and hooliganism",

15 October 2011 10:42AM

Dear Lijia Zhang

Of course it is populist racism. Those who rush to deny it are all well known on cif for their extremist political views accompanied by bucket loads of denials over the issue of racism and an illogical hatred of immigrants and foreign culture.

I on the other hand welcome foreign food and culture......I was brought up on fat, gristle, boiled turnips and cabbage.

Good game, eh?

Dog flesh ? Least of your worries, Lijia love.

Being from the Guardian you'll not have heard of the tragic case of Charlene Downes.

Because it's all waycist and some BNP/EDL plot and anyway la-la-la we're not listening....

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