14 October, 2011


Kicking that can along the road to nowhere

Forgive me if I do not welcome the news that

Rise of child sex gangs prompts major study

with the requisite level of enthusiasm. That there is a clear separation of the "grooming" of pubescent girls for prostitution from the more general issue of organized pædophilia is, I suppose, some kind of advance. The desperate need of the Righteous to obfuscate the former — a calculated and frequently racist but essentially cruelly rational criminality — by conflating it with the latter — a dangerous pathology amplified by organization and commercialization — has done huge harm. Organized pædophile "rings" are a problem, but they are a distinct problem from "street grooming" and need to be tackled separately.

If the Righteous still so desperately need the fig-leaf of claiming, as was repeatedly emphasized in the radio news reports this morning, that street grooming is a problem which involves "all ethnicities", and they can find a few dodgy Moldovan and Albanian thugs to technically substantiate that claim, well I suppose we have to make do with that.

But maybe one day, when it affects somebody sufficiently important, we might be able to simply recognize that the street grooming issue is primarily, perhaps overwhelmingly, an issue involving interethnic victimization of mostly (but not exclusively) White teenaged girls by Pakistani gangs for the purposes of both profit and intertribal humiliation. It is a Brown problem. Acknowledge that and deal with it.

But the most worrying aspect of today's announcement is that it establishes a long-term study, targeted for completion in 24 months. Which means that whenever the issue of street grooming is raised, the response will be "this is in hand, wait until the results of the study are published".

We know where the main problem lies. Face up to it. Deal with it. And if, as you are so keen to remind us, "White men do it too", we'll get round to sorting them out afterwards.

Not only intertribal, but for the most part triumphantly anti-white. Nothing, it would seem, quite float your average 'British' Asian like getting one over (or one leg over) on the indigenous population.

But quite why so many white girls want to associate with members of the RoP I have no idea. I have an idea it is because they think they are flying the flag of multi-culti virtue and taking down the barriers so hastily erected by their ignorant parents.

The other day I was accused of being racist because I expressed a dislike, not of brown people, but the religion many of them belong to. A reasonable dislike, given the whole panoply of so-called 'honour killings,' female genital mutilation, anti-gay values, a murderous insistence no one should leave the religion, schoolgirl acid-throwing events as well as matters of dress... oh yes, and a sort of international irrationality that leans heavily on victimhood and terrorism. Religion is not racist of course, but I fear the art of grooming is.

I understand that many muslim girls are not allowed out unaccompanied and the fact that white girls are not so restrained makes them supposedly fair game, but for the young non-muslim to deliberately avoid seeing that they are vulnerable to all this grooming is disappointing.

I know of the case of one white girl who was killed for daring to threaten to expose the two muslim males who were abusing her. It's a high price to pay when you realise you are, literally, being had.

"But quite why so many white girls want to associate with members of the RoP I have no idea."

Quite a lot of 13- and 14-year-old girls stuck in some grey northern shithole are going to be swept away by the flattering attentions of what to them will be a glamorously exotic older man. Gifts, alcohol, drugs, riding round in Beemers, "sophistication". Beats sharing a bag of chips and a quick fumble in a back alley* with one of their White male contemporaries, innit?

What's missing is a total lack of warning and honest and open acknowledgement from White authority figures about what will come next, that your smiling Brown Johnny is after a damned sight more than a quick rattle at your old tin can.

* I was initially going to use the more natural Manchester phrasing, up the back entry, there but perhaps that's an image too far.

"I was initially going to use the more natural Manchester phrasing, up the back entry, there but perhaps that's an image too far."

Am I right that some back entries were called 'fourteen footers'? Or is this just fantasy...


It's not a phrase I recall hearing.

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