25 October, 2011


Fœtal alcohol syndrome?

The BBC News subtitling computer strikes again.

As part of the BBC's current drive to reassure us just how wonderful the world will be with 7,000,000,000 naked apes living on it, a random beebwallah is pictured standing outside a house in the middle of Nowhere, or Zambia as it is officially known. A woman has, we are told, just given birth. The subtitles relay his words about the newly arrived girl child,
... she is so drunk she does not yet have a name ...
Well, OK, I was watching this in the pub (hence the subtitles) but even so. So young perhaps?

Personally I suspect that renegade slaves of the Purple Lizards are trying to communicate with us by hacking into the news media's subtitling computers. And personally I don't think they're making a very good job of it.

A newborn would have a good chance of being served alcohol in some of the dodgier off licences near me.

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