08 October, 2011


(Almost) the acme of pointlessness

The particular genius of the late Steve Jobs has been identified by some as his ability to design hugely successful products that nobody realized were indispensable until he started selling them.

Now a Florida firm hopes to achieve the same with...


Alcohol-free halal “whisky”

(via (via)).

You can just imagine "Tommy Robinson" and Anjem Choudhary down your local Wetherspoon having a friendly chat as Anjem sips at his halal alcohol-free Glenfiddich, can't you? (Not that Anjem was averse to a pint or two of lager in the days when was better known as "Andy" but that's another piece of "Islamophobic" tittle-tattle altogether.)

Surely the second most pointless drink known to man, the top prize being reserved for a thankfully as yet unavailable alcohol-free vodka.

It's one of life's great mysteries, comparable with the pyramids, the appeal of Russell Howard, and why so much effort is put into making 'vegetarian' fodder allegedly taste like meat.

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