19 September, 2011


Quote of the day

Libby Brooks writing at CiF,

Perhaps the Gypsy and Traveller population is so regarded because it is a national vexation out of all proportion to its numbers.

Just a thought.

Libby Brookes is a habitual absurdity.

If anyone has the link to the reportage when a Guardianella enjoyed the up close and personal enrichment of the travelling kermunittee please could they post it ?

After a disappointing day I need some light relief.

Libby can always invite them into her garden and take them steaming mugs of cocoa and tuck them in at night.

They'll even tarmac her drive for her. You know, about a quarter of inch deep for a thousand quid. Libby would be happy I', sure to provide that sort of support.

It must be nice to be paid to write bullcrap a la Libby Brooks. If you don't have any scruples, that is.

Or is it the guilt of knowing you're a professional bullcrap-writer that makes these sorts so desperately hand-wringing and whiny?

Maybe someone should write a bullcrap column on the matter.

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